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Ever since I realized that I had been placed under illegal surveillance by the government -- possibly for my entire adult life -- it has become apparent to me that there has been some foreshadowing going on in my life.

Certainly the most recent posts are more urgent, but the story of what happened to me should be of concern to you also because the objective of mind control is to turn you, your children and everyone else you care about in the whole, wide world into a microchipped, remote-controlled slave in the impending global fascist dictatorship, also known as the New World Order. See  this

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Several incidents involving my ex-wife come to mind. Sometime around 2000 or so, she started calling me and begging me to help her deal with her ex-boyfriend, who she said was stalking her. Sometimes she would be hysterical as she described how he was following her around, telephoning her and harassing her in an effort to persuade her to start seeing him again. He even rented a house down the street from her to facilitate the stalking.

These are all things that I have to deal with now. A gang of psychopaths hired by some government intelligence agency has been stalking me everywhere I go, and the neighborhood where I live is infested with them. Many of them have purchased houses in the neighborhood to facilitate the stalking, harassment and illegal surveillance activities.

I think my ex-wife knew that I was going to be targeted, so she was conditioning me to the type of activities I was going to have to deal with.

There are other instances of her having foreknowledge of events involving the intelligence agencies that confirm my suspicion that she is some type of government agent or informant.
The Sept. 11 attacks are a case in point.

The week before the attacks, she called me up and asked me to come over for my son's cross country meet the following Tuesday, Sept. 11. I got the night off work and drove over to South Bend, but the meet was canceled. So, I spent the afternoon hanging out at my ex-wife's home with her, my son and my daughter.

I think my ex-wife wanted me to be there so she could see how I reacted to the attacks. Naturally, I was suspicious from the start, because I realized something like that could never have been allowed to happen without the cooperation of the FBI and the CIA. Also, I pointed out that the buildings were imploded.

Not realizing that I was under surveillance and associating with government informants, I talked openly about my suspicions. Later, I realized that my ex-wife must have had a tip from a government agent that something was going to happen that day.

The JFK Jr. assassination is another example. My uncle called and invited me to meet him at a motel in South Bend on the following Friday so we could spend some time drinking and catching up on things. The next morning, when we woke up and turned on the TV news, there was wall to wall coverage of the plane crash that killed JFK Jr., his wife and his sister-in-law.

Now, I realize my "uncle" has been acting as a government informant, too. He wanted to be there to see my reaction, so he could tell his handler whether or not I had figured out that the plane crash was not an accident.

One last incident that comes to mind involves a woman I met on the Internet around that same time. We had lunch together and did a few other things, then one day she asked me if I would accompany her on a trip to St. Ignatius High School in Chicago. She said she had some research to do there.

I didn't think anything of it at the time, but just recently I learned that the school is named after Ignatius Loyola, who founded the Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church in the 16th century. According to Eric Jon Phelps in his book "Vatican Assassins," the Jesuits have been running the world into the ground ever since. He contends that they have been behind virtually every significant political assassination of modern history, including JFK, RFK, MLK and JFK Jr.

The Jesuits control all the intelligence agencies in the world through their vast network of secret societies, including the Knights of Columbus, the Knights of Malta and the Freemasons. They probably figured out I would learn this at some point in the future, so they hired this woman to spy on me and take me there as a way of foreshadowing and letting me know who was behind the campaign to destroy my life, my career, my relationships and my family.

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AJH said...

I get this all the time; the extreme "coincidence" events. Very likely your ex-wife and uncle were gangstalking you at the time of genuine emotional reaction to these events.