Friday, December 07, 2012

A Comet Caused the Great Chicago Fire in 1871

As Planet X approaches Earth, it brings with it an entourage of fireballs, asteroids, comets and other forms of cosmic debris that pose a serious threat to Earth and its denizens.

In fact, a comet ignited the Great Chicago Fire in 1871 and an even worse fire in Peshtigo, Wisconsin that same night. The death toll from the fire in Wisconsin was estimated to be more than 1,200, and possibly as many as 2,500. 
Also, on the other side of  Lake Michigan, another intense fire raged that same night in the state of Michigan. That fire burned for more than a month and killed at least 200 people. Read a two-part series of articles on the comet that caused the Great Chicago Fire here:

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More interesting facts about comets:

* Comet Holmes ignited to become the largest object in the solar system, even larger than the Sun:
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* Comet NEAT caused a coronal mass ejection in 2003 when it passed by the Sun: [link to]

* And then there was the famous Tunguska explosion in 1908:

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* A researcher in Russia has marshaled some evidence that Earth is being approached by a neutron star known as Typhon that has 11 satellites. It's an interesting read, with lots of photographs of ancient cave drawings to support the theory. He recommends staying inside during the three days of darkness because those who venture outside during that time will be killed if they breathe the toxic air that will invade Earth's atmosphere.  Neutron star is approaching Earth

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Mind Control References in My Life

Now that Notre Dame has completed a perfect (although tainted by game-fixing) regular season and has qualified for a berth in the BCS Championship Game, I'd like to take this opportunity to describe the significance of the Notre Dame-Washington game that was played on Oct. 12, 1996, at Notre Dame Stadium, which the Irish won easily, 54-20.

Kirby Sprouls, one of my former colleagues at the South Bend Tribune, invited me to the game, and I just recently figured out why. It turns out the Washington quarterback in that game was Brock Huard. He later played in the NFL for the Seattle Seahawks and the Indianapolis Colts.

I realize now that the CIA wanted me to attend that game and remember Huard because he shares the same last name with Janine Huard, the Montreal resident who was one of the CIA's mind-control victims at the Allen Memorial Institute in the 1950s. Ewen Cameron conducted the "experiments" at the Montreal facility with funding from the CIA.

A few years ago, a CIA agent posing as a fellow targeted individual tipped me off to the CIA's practice of surrounding "targets" with people whose names correspond to the names of people who have been involved in mind control. She suggested that it might be happening to me as well, so I decided to take a look.

According to the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, "It is certain that onomatology, or the science of names, forms a very interesting part of the investigations of higher Masonry." Once I discovered the importance of names in Freemasonry, I used this knowledge to piece together the clues to the mystery of my life.

Names of people, streets, towns and much more began to take on a meaning that I had never understood before. It became apparent to me that people had been planted in my life whose names would connect me to Freemasonry, the CIA, Nazi Germany, satanic ritual abuse, the JFK assassination, the Franklin Credit Union scandal in Nebraska, mind control, satanism and other related topics.

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One of their agents did finally admit to me a few years ago that I was used in Project Monarch. But the name associations were a way for the CIA to reveal to me that I had been used in one of their mind-control projects without coming right out and telling me.  The operation was designed to be plausibly deniable, but at the same time, to leave no doubt in my mind what was going on and who was behind the program.

Kirby's name is an example of this, because Walter Bowart, author of the CIA expose "Operation Mind Control," was born Walter Howard Kirby. And he published many articles under the pen name of Thomas Kirby.

I worked closely with Kirby Sprouls for two years at the Tribune. We sat across from each other at work and car-pooled to work and back, as we both lived on Sunnymede Avenue in South Bend. His house was located next door to the house I lived in when I was growing up. I was 5 years old when we moved into that house and 9 years old when we moved out.

Certainly it's possible that the appearance of some of these people in my life could have been coincidences, but what makes me think there's something more to it is the sheer number of "coincidences." At some point, in the face of so much evidence, it becomes impossible to attribute all these examples to "coincidence," especially when there's so much other evidence of mind control in my life.

See this post for more information on this subject:

Here's an excerpt from an article about Janine Huard that was published on the CBC News web site on July 4, 2007:

A Montreal senior who survived Cold War-era brainwashing experiments picked up a cheque for compensation from the federal government on Tuesday. Janine Huard, 79, accepted an offer to end her class-action lawsuit against the federal government, which jointly funded the experiments with the Central Intelligence Agency.

You can find the full article here:

I was born into a multi-generational satanic cult, and I've found that many of the important people in my life are also cult members. My father and both of my grandfathers were high-ranking Freemasons, and I'm sure it goes back a lot further than that.

Somehow I escaped from the cult, apparently by refusing to sacrifice innocent children to Satan. I was then sold to the CIA and "targeted" for destruction.

It was decided that all my so-called friends would be members of the cult, that I would marry a cult member without realizing it and raise two children for the cult, and that my wife would divorce me and saddle me with 10 years of exorbitant child-support payments. And then I would be subjected to gang stalking, tortured with electromagnetic weapons and poisoned to death.

Everything is proceeding according to plan, but the only problem is, Planet X might kill me before the CIA does.

How would you feel if it happened to you? Would you want to know what motivated all the people in your life to betray you? Would you want to know what it was that united everyone in your life in their common agenda to destroy you? Or would you just try to forget about it and let it go?

I chose to pursue the truth, not just for my own sake, but also for the future of humanity. Because make no mistake about it, the ultimate goal of Freemasonry, the CIA and satanism is to turn you, your wife, your children and your grandchildren, and everyone else you care about in the whole, wide world into microchipped, remote-controlled slaves in the New World Order.

So, if you're involved in satanism and you think it's cool to worship The Devil, why are you supporting this agenda? Don't you care about your own children and grandchildren? Or don't you realize that you're supporting this agenda?

If you don't realize it, wake up now before it's too late and start fighting back. A good place to start would be this blog and the 13-part series, "Bizarre Mind-Control Atrocity Exposed."

Most of the installments were first published in February 2008. Although I've been having some difficulty locating them in the archives, you should be able to find them by entering the appropriate headline in the Google search engine. For example, type in Bizarre Mind-Control Atrocity Exposed, Part 1, and then Part 2 and so on.

And then let's put a stop to the New World Order before it turns us all into microchipped, remote-controlled slaves.