Friday, December 07, 2012

A Comet Caused the Great Chicago Fire in 1871

As Planet X approaches Earth, it brings with it an entourage of fireballs, asteroids, comets and other forms of cosmic debris that pose a serious threat to Earth and its denizens.

In fact, a comet ignited the Great Chicago Fire in 1871 and an even worse fire in Peshtigo, Wisconsin that same night. The death toll from the fire in Wisconsin was estimated to be more than 1,200, and possibly as many as 2,500. 
Also, on the other side of  Lake Michigan, another intense fire raged that same night in the state of Michigan. That fire burned for more than a month and killed at least 200 people. Read a two-part series of articles on the comet that caused the Great Chicago Fire here:

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More interesting facts about comets:

* Comet Holmes ignited to become the largest object in the solar system, even larger than the Sun:
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* Comet NEAT caused a coronal mass ejection in 2003 when it passed by the Sun: [link to]

* And then there was the famous Tunguska explosion in 1908:

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* A researcher in Russia has marshaled some evidence that Earth is being approached by a neutron star known as Typhon that has 11 satellites. It's an interesting read, with lots of photographs of ancient cave drawings to support the theory. He recommends staying inside during the three days of darkness because those who venture outside during that time will be killed if they breathe the toxic air that will invade Earth's atmosphere.  Neutron star is approaching Earth

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