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About the Important Topics Addressed on This Blog

Devil-worshiping President 
The original purpose of this blog when I started it in October 2005 was to document my lifelong ordeal as the victim of an illegal, top secret, CIA mind-control atrocity known as Project Monarch.

Essentially, it covers two phases of my life, the first being from 1965, when I was 10 years old, to 2004. The second phase covers the period since 2004, when I was introduced to gang stalking, microwave harassment, a slander campaign, poisoning of my food and drinks, remote neural monitoring and various other forms of torture sponsored by the national security state. 

My father sold me to the CIA when I was a young boy, probably around 3 years old, and I've been the property of the CIA ever since.

Certainly the most recent posts are more urgent, but the story of what happened to me should be of concern to you also because the objective of mind control is to turn you, your children and everyone else you care about in the whole, wide world into a microchipped, remote-controlled slave in the impending global fascist dictatorship, also known as the New World Order. See  this

And see these posts:

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Extreme forms of trauma cause the mind to dissociate and the memories are stored in a different part of the mind so they don't intrude into one's consciousness and cause more trauma. It's a defense mechanism. However, in 2006, an agent confirmed to me that I had been used in Project Monarch, which was a trauma-based project designed to split the victim's mind into multiple personalities. See this

Somehow I was able to break away from my programming, but I was then targeted by the next phase of the project, which involved the gradual destruction of my life.

See this post for a description of their current form of torture, which involves gang stalking and poisoning of my food and drinks by grocery stores and restaurants:

and read this article:

In my career, I pursued what I love -- finding out the truth, telling the truth and writing about the truth, and in so doing, I incurred the wrath of the evil people who rule this planet and ran it into the ground. I worked as a newspaper reporter and editor. 

The movie "All the President's Men" was one thing that inspired me to pursue journalism, because it depicted the good guys winning and the bad guys getting what they deserved -- jail time. It turned out it was all a hoax, though. It was actually the CIA-controlled journalists getting rid of Richard Nixon because the Illuminati wanted him out. 

The Washington Post doesn't work for the American people, it works for the Illuminati, like everybody else. So instead of thanking me for my efforts to preserve democracy, my "brothers and sisters" rewarded me by subjecting me to gang stalking, poisoning of my food and drinks by grocery stores and restaurants, and various other forms of torture and harassment sponsored by the National Security State.

At any rate, after I launched my Brussell Sprout blog in 2005, I discovered some important information about Planet X and various other subjects that I thought I should also share with everyone, including:

* The FBI and CIA have conducted an illegal slander campaign against me ever since I first got targeted back in 2004 for doing my job as a journalist.
Basically I reported the truth in the newspaper -- that the CIA killed President Kennedy and the FBI covered it up. So their agents go around and tell lies about me to people in the community and to all my friends in an effort to enlist their help in harassing me. They claim that I'm a drug dealer, a terrorist or a child molester or something ridiculous like that. Haha!

It's all a pack of lies! They do that to punish me for exposing their criminal activities. They also subject me to gang stalking, poisoning of my food and drinks, illegal surveillance and various other forms of torture and harassment designed by the military and the intelligence agencies.
I'm just an honest man who was doing my job as a reporter by telling the truth. I wanted you to know that because I don't like people telling lies about me behind my back, especially to my friends. If you ever hear anything like that, now you'll know the truth and you'll be able to see through their lies.
If I had ever done anything wrong, all they had to do was charge me with a crime and give me a chance to defend myself in court. But they never do that because they know I haven't done anything wrong and they would have no chance of convicting me of anything.
How would you like it if it happened to you? Now you know how I feel about it and why I fight back!

Lately the CIA has been making all kinds  of threats against my life, so I'm posting this information here so thousands  of people all over the world will know what happened to me if I turn up dead unexpectedly of a heart attack or some other "natural" cause. They also murdered my mother with a heart attack on Oct. 3, 1991.

* Heaven exists and we all survive the physical death of our body. We reincarnate many, many times on Earth to learn spiritual lessons. See this: and this:

* We're all fallen angels who got kicked out of Heaven during the Lucifer rebellion. We were given a chance to redeem ourselves during our many incarnations on Earth. See this:
We're All Fallen Angels or Google "We're All Fallen Angels by Brussell Sprout."

* Mankind has been held hostage by evil aliens for thousands of years, but the good guys are here now, and they're already intervening to free us from oppression:
Mankind Held Hostage by Aliens

* There's some evidence that the Earth is flat and stationary, and that the sun and moon revolve around the Earth. See this: The Earth Is Flat

* No planes hit the twin towers on 9-11. TV footage was faked, and the buildings were taken down by controlled demolition. See this:

No Planes on 9-11

And Google No Planes Hit the Twin Towers on 9-11.

* Freemasons in the CIA and FBI orchestrated the conspiracy that killed President Kennedy and framed CIA agent Lee Harvey Oswald for the assassination, then had another one of their agents, Jack Ruby, kill Oswald to keep him from talking.

Incredibly, the latest evidence strongly suggests Jackie Kennedy was a CIA agent and also was one of the shooters in Dealey Plaza. She was carrying out orders from the CIA and ultimately from the highest level of government -- the Illuminati. See this:
JFK Article That I Wrote for the South Bend Tribune in 1992 

and this:

and this:

and this: Harvey and Lee: How the CIA Framed Oswald

Notre Dame law professor G. Robert Blakey directed the cover-up while serving as the legal counsel for the House Select Committee on Assassinations in the 1970s. Read "The Last Investigation" by Gaeton Fonzi. See this: The Last Investigation

* When I was working as an editor at the South Bend (Ind.) Tribune in 1991, I was presented with a rare opportunity to put my beliefs into action. Now I realize that it was all a set-up, but it was a golden opportunity just the same, and I seized it.

Back in 1974, during my sophomore year at the University of Michigan, I discovered that President Kennedy was assassinated by a conspiracy and that Lee Harvey Oswald was framed for the crime by the CIA. By 1991, I had read many books on the subject and was well-acquainted with the facts surrounding the case.

So when one of our book reviewers gave a favorable review to "Conspiracy of One," an absurd book that backed the lone-gunman theory, I responded by writing a series of book reviews that praised some books that exposed the conspiracy, including "High Treason," "Crossfire," "On the Trail of the Assassins" and "Plausible Denial."

Seven months later, my mother, Joan Beal of Indianapolis, died suddenly and unexpectedly at age 62 -- allegedly from a heart attack. It may indeed have been a heart attack, but since the CIA has long been able to induce fatal heart attacks by various methods, I believe she was murdered by the CIA to begin the process of dismantling my so-called life. 

My mother was murdered on Oct. 3, 1991, exactly three years after Mae Brussell died. Mae was also murdered by the CIA for exposing their crimes, and so was her daughter, Bonnie. I named this blog after Mae because of her efforts to expose the JFK conspiracy and various other illegal activities carried out by the FBI, the CIA and lots of other corrupt government agencies. 

I believe my mother was murdered on the three-year anniversary of Mae Brussell's death to send me the message that her death was not the result of a random heart attack, but that she was murdered in retaliation for my efforts to expose the JFK conspiracy.

My mom was not the only member of my family who was murdered because of the CIA mind-control project that destroyed my life and my family. See this:

Mike Beal: Another Victim of the Satanic Cult

* The Titanic was deliberately sunk to provide a cover story for the murder of John Jacob Astor, the powerful American businessman who opposed the plan to establish the corrupt Federal Reserve system. Astor was murdered aboard the Titanic before the ship went down. See this: The Titanic Conspiracy

* A comet caused the Great Chicago Fire in 1871 and several other catastrophic fires in Michigan and Wisconsin that same night. See this:

* Not even right-wing propaganda can  turn a liberal into a fascist. Liberals support the Constitution and the values upon which this country was founded. The people who call themselves liberals today are not liberals, they're fascists. See this:
Liberals Are not Fascists

* Your daily coffee habit is slowly killing you. Here's an excerpt from an article entitled, "Caffeine Kills," by Stephanie Relfe:
A single 250 milligram dose of caffeine (the equivalent of about 2.5 six-ounce cups of coffee) has been shown to increase levels of the stress hormone epinephrine (adrenaline) by 200 percent.

Caffeine triggers a classic fight-or-flight reaction, which was designed for events that happened only occasionally (such as a lion chasing you). Now, we put our body in fight-or-flight every day with caffeine!!!

* College and professional sports are fixed. See my other blog:

In addition to those links, I would also encourage you to check out the links that are posted on the right-hand side of my blog. Many of them contain documentation for subjects addressed in my posts.

Perhaps the best way to read this blog would be to start with the most recent posts and then go into the archives and start reading my first few posts. A good place to start there would be with the first post, titled "How It All Started":

Most of the original posts deal with the situation I've encountered since 2004. Another good post to read right away would be "The Hidden Evil," which describes the gang-stalking phenomenon:

and New World War

Most of the information about my life prior to 2004 is covered in the mind-control series, "Bizarre Mind-Control Atrocity Exposed," all written in February 2008. Start here:

More installments will be added as time permits -- that is, if I'm able to post them before being hauled off to a concentration camp, mental institution or prison. Since all our institutions are corrupt, it would be easy to frame me for some ridiculous offense, even though it would have no basis in fact.

I was targeted for extermination because I'm an honest person who was doing my job as a journalist by exposing corruption in the FBI, CIA, military and other government agencies. Also, I pose a security risk to the CIA because of my background in Project Monarch.

I think the event that may have brought on the gang stalking was something I posted on the Internet on the day of the 9-11 attacks to the effect that there was no way they could have been accomplished without the complicity of traitors in the CIA and the military. I thought that should have been obvious to everyone, but apparently it wasn't.

Now the evidence seems to indicate the Twin Towers were brought down with nuclear explosives and there were no airplanes involved. The TV footage of airplanes crashing into the buildings was fake. You can read about that here:

One of the most important points I'm trying to get across in this blog, for those of you who aren't already doing so, is never to trust the FBI, the CIA, the military, NASA or any other government agency. The refusal of most people to question authority has ruined this country and it has ruined my life. And that passion for conformity is something our children learn at a very early stage in life, thanks to our corrupt school systems. See this

What we need is more citizens who have moral courage. See this

What happened to me could never have been accomplished without the complicity of naive people who place too much trust in authority figures. See this:

I learned this lesson in 1974 when I was 19 years old and saw the Zapruder film for the first time. Up until then, I always trusted the government. When I found out the CIA killed President Kennedy and the FBI covered up the truth, I stopped trusting the government.

If more people had the courage to take a stand against authority, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in today.

Speaking of the mess we're in, the economy is not going to get better, and the main reason why is that it isn't supposed to get better. The Freemasons have been planning to dissolve the United States into a global fascist dictatorship for hundreds of years, and the events that are transpiring in the world today are the culmination of those plans. See this:

That's another important point I want to get across: Don't trust the Freemasons. If you know anyone who is a Freemason, make sure they understand that at the highest levels, all Freemasons worship Satan and they've been working for hundreds of years to destroy this world so the Antichrist can rule.

Most low-level Masons are not aware of the full truth. They think it's just a harmless fraternal organization, but it's not. The high-level Masons are behind most of the political assassinations that prevent honest people from gaining power in the UnitedStates. There's lots of information about The Brotherhood here:
and here:

The deliberate crashing of the global economy is one of several major events planned for the next few years. Other possibilities are a deliberately engineered Ebola pandemic (possibly using a vaccine), more terrorist attacks carried out by the intelligence agencies and blamed on ISIS, Al Qaeda or some other patsy, and World War III. Evidence suggesting that Al Qaeda never existed and is just a convenient patsy for the CIA is here:

The CIA has been attempting to get me to commit suicide for the past eight years, but I'm determined not to do it, and one of the main reasons why is that I don't want to give them the satisfaction. If you read this blog, you'll understand why.


Peter Mooring said...

Hi Mat,
Responding to your post, see below.

Mark does not state this huge amount of people involved and in fact the number of people involved can be limited to 3%-8% (may be less) of a population. When these people are controlled by an advanced system (secret services) however you can get an overwealming feeling. E.g. the moment you leave your house, they start calling people, to make sure they get there faster, block your roads, etc. They always have a number of people 'on duty'. They tell stories about you, lie to other people to co-operate with them (and what would you do if they showed you e.g. a police badge).
Still, most people are normal (although they may co-operate out of fear).
I know this does not help you from being poisoned. They do not like change, you could change your food pattern.

Peter Mooring

Peter, I agree with your analysis 100 percent. The ruling elite is composed of
criminally insane mass murderers, and Joe Six-Pack is helping them turn the world
into a global fascist police state. The question in my mind is, what percentage of
gang stalkers are aware that what they are doing is wrong? What percentage are
deluded into thinking they're doing the right thing for their country? What
percentage of the population is aware of and complicit in gang stalking? Mark Rich
has estimated a third of the population, but even that could be low. It seems to me
that sometimes when I'm out in public, virtually everyone seems to be complicit in
some way. How else could you have a situation like I'm facing now, in which all the
grocery stores in a 100-mile radius are complicit in poisoning my food and drinks?

dogtrainer said...

March 24, 2009


I sent this to you as a private email, however, I do not know if it was blocked or if you received it.

Nevertheless, I have enjoyed reading your blog which is well written. I was especially interested in the mind control aspects of your story. I have some information that may help you understand how the torturers create paranoia. I will outline a portion below that I think is missing from your blog so that you can see if it fits with your experience (or the experiences of your readers). If you (or your audience) want to know more about this portion and some strategies that you can use to defend against attacks please email me.

As you stated the silent sound is a key technology used to deceive the target. However, without the target becoming paranoid the silent sound would not capture your attention significantly; you would not feel fear or threatened by the silent sound or by what gang stalkers are doing/saying around you.

The missing piece is thought insertion. Thought insertion can be used to trick your mind into believing that you are feeling paranoid for particular environmental circumstance. There are two things that need to happen in your mind to pull off paranoia. First you have to feel the fear and then you have to associate the fear with some event that you experience. The event is the context. The fear is the emotion. With thought insertion both can be achieved. Because you have survived this long you have realized that in the most difficult circumstances all you have to do is hold on; the symptoms (and pain) of paranoia will pass.

A major weakness in there system is that it is artificial. The human body and mind tend to revert back to natural states. For example, foreign objects embedded in the body (thorns, artificial hearts) are rejected-expelled. I believe a similar phenomena exist for the mind; foreign thoughts, and emotions are also expelled or rejected over time (however, the harassers can play back to you those thoughts over and over).

I don’t know if you will find any of this useful. However, fundamentally if you can control your thoughts you can control your mind (that means the harassers can not control your mind). If you practice what is in the first 25 pages of Eckart Tolle’s "The Power of Now" you will see that you can defeat most of the thought technology being used against you.

As for food poisoning do not over look that the harassers may be entering your home secretly while your not home or at night while your sleeping and then adding poison to your food.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster who said the poison is being added at night or when you are away from your house. The LIDA machine allows them to induce artificial sleep from a distance which you cannot wake from (unless there is a loud noise). Therefore, you must ensure your sleeping area is deadbolted and food is kept in that room (or, if possible, ensure all doors leading into your home and windows are deadbolted). You could install if you can afford it security cameras that stream live on the internet for the outside of your house to prevent them entering while you are away. Otherwise, you must only buy small amounts of food which you consume before leaving the house.

brussellsprout said...

No, the products I buy at the grocery store are already contaminated. I know this because when I drive straight home from the store and try them out, it's obvious to me that they're contaminated. No one would have had an opportunity at that point to contaminate them at my house. So that proves grocery stores are complicit in the conspiracy. Also, restaurants serve me contaminated food while I'm there. I never even take the food home, so I know it's contaminated at the restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Yes you are correct that grocery stores are complicit. It's already pre made food.

brussellsprout said...

Yes, grocery store employees know perfectly well that they're poisoning someone to death.

They must think they're doing their patriotic duty by killing people who expose the government's crimes against humanity.

The same goes for the manufacturing employees who put the toxic stuff in the food at the plant.

Anonymous said...

I know grocery stores are complicit in this crap. One particular store was loaded with various ethnic food packages (exotic stuff that I would use for cooking but very rarely would others in my small community of gangstalkers would ever bother with because that Asian food wasn't popular). It was there a long while and every time I'd shop there a running commentary from clerks would have to walk by me saying comments about it and engage me in conversation about the various ethnic foods). Also an upscale grocer in another area clerks would befriend me and do odd things. And former co-workers and neighbors would show up do subtle but abusive skits and I'd never see them again. One actually tried to aim their car at one of my family. And waved like it was just another day. Grocery stores are very much so involved in this. I also will add churchgoers are brainwashed participants. They probably believe they are doing the Lord's work. I've run into plenty of avid churchgoers who worry more about conformity than thinking about what the golden rule means.

Anonymous said...

Many coffee shops and restaurants do this to targets. I went to a restaurant ordered a loaded up w veggies/meat/croutons salad. As I ate the fresh layer of veggies/meat/croutons I noticed the interior buried with the salad was a glop of ROTTEN lettuce that was a ball of mush. When I complained the waitress shrugged and smiled. Coffee shops do this. They added something to a couple of my coffee s. The owner walked over and said well what do you think of THAT! she sent a man over to my table to smirk and ask me about jobs. He went on and on about jobs. Then he began to talk about my former coworkers and said: what do you think about THAT!
I just tell myself hey some arrogant rich guy is spending loads of cash just to harass ME!

Anonymous said...

Planet x needs to be real.

brussellsprout said...

You're right, anonymous. There are a lot of sadistic motherfuckers working in grocery stores and restaurants. They'd don't mind killing an innocent person as long as someone in authority tells them it's OK. They actually enjoy making other people suffer. God will take a very dim view of their activities on Judgment Day, and there isn't very much longer to wait.

Roberta Beltran said...

THE KEY IS TO STAY STRONG AND HAVE FAITH! tHIS STUFF IS NOT NATURAL! Theres no way they could organize as fast as they do, i know it sounds crazy but i've done much research and can tell you were not dealing with man alone here....hang on and fight we were chosen to fight because were powerful...and they know that!....stay powerful!!!!!!!

ps I notice i get messed with on dating sites, i am very attractive and have an incredible profile, the ones they let through (not many) are really nice when we first start talking then before we meet and with absolutly no provacation they go off on me...but me..I NEVER GIVE UP...LOL