Friday, January 15, 2010

The Cure for All Diseases

Hydrogen peroxide has been proven to cure cancer, heart disease, diabetes, AIDS, Alzheimer's and virtually every other disease known to man. The reason why you never heard this before? There's no MONEY in it!

By adding a few drops of food-grade HP to your drinking water, you can give your body the oxygen it needs to fight off diseases. You can download a free e-book about this miracle cure here:

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debbie said...

Hey Matt nice to meet you..I like that you speak of alternate cures..I am with you on this..Here in Canada Codex is trying to take over the health food industry by introducing Bill C6 formerly called Bill C51 and C52..the masses protested bill C51 and 52 so much that they scrapped that bill and introduced bill C 6...we are still fighting to stop this bill here in Canada..the powers that be see that there is no money to be made if we are not dependent on big pharma. Stay healthy by using alternative medicine in my mind is the way to go..I a big support of using Oil of Oregano among other natural cures..If you are anything like me and are not only stalked and harassed but attacked by energy weapons of some kind, then oil of oregano is a big help to overcome the radiation effects to our body....nice post, great blog!