Saturday, June 15, 2013

We're All Fallen Angels

Every now and then I stumble across a web site that provides me with new insights into the meaning of life. The one I have in mind right now is because it explains so much about my own personal predicament and the sorry state of affairs that exists in the world today.

I'm not endorsing everything on that web site by any stretch of the imagination. There's a lot of questionable information on there, without a doubt. I particularly don't agree with and vehemently oppose the familiar refrain that people who don't accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior are doomed to spend the rest of eternity in Hell. Nonsense.

You don't make it to Heaven by repeating a few magic words somebody tells you to say, you have to do something -- preferably lots of things. You have to take a stand against evil.

Despite all the misguided and foolish religious preaching on Angel Fall, though, there's one concept the author stresses over and over that makes a lot of sense to me: Everyone on Earth is a fallen angel.

Here's a quote from the web site:

"The souls of men upon Earth are actually the spirits of angelic beings who got their hides kicked out of Heaven for rebelling against their Creator when they questioned and doubted God's sovereignty, wisdom, and eternal knowledge. They eventually lost their faith in God and turned against their Creator in consummate rage and hatred. And then they tried to become gods themselves in order to save and exalt themselves."

The story in the Bible goes that a third of the angels were kicked out of Heaven and cast down to Earth. If that's true, the expression Hell on Earth makes a lot of sense. Could it be that we were all given the chance to redeem ourselves by our actions on Earth during our many incarnations on this planet?

For more on the fallen angels who fought alongside Lucifer, click on this link:

Human Beings Are the Fallen Angels Who Fought Alongside Lucifer

And see this article about the reality of life after death and  reincarnation:

Proof of Heaven

Here's another web site that's full of evidence to support the fallen angel point of view:

The Way Home or Face the Fire

You can download a free e-book there and read dozens of testimonials from readers who have reached the same conclusion about the fallen angels and expressed their gratitude to the author for helping them to see the light.

There are lots of reasons why I believe we really are the fallen angels. Elsewhere on this blog, I've documented my history as the product of a multi-generational satanic cult. I was born into a family that worships the devil, subjected to satanic ritual abuse when I was a kid, and sold to the CIA so they could use me in their illegal, top-secret and cruel mind-control projects. It was the family tradition.

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At any rate, I evidently drew the line at sacrificing innocent children to Satan, so they had to figure out what to do with me. I just wasn't sufficiently evil to fit into the grand scheme of things. So they kept this knowledge from me my whole life, and I discovered the truth about my history only recently. Now my life makes a lot more sense to me than it ever did before.

For example, it explains the hostile reception I've gotten from everyone in my life, despite my best efforts to be kind, gentle, understanding, cheerful, affectionate, considerate, open, honest and loving. It explains why I was always an outcast and had so much difficulty "fitting in" with the people I was surrounded by.

I am one of the chosen few, and my family knows it, and they resent it bitterly. I was expected to carry on in the family tradition, but I rejected it, so they rejected me. But the conspiracy goes a lot further than just my family, and that's where Angel Fall fits into the big picture.

Families like mine are a dime a dozen. The practice of satanism is widespread in modern society. In my case, it extended to all my so-called friends when I was growing up, as well as my colleagues at work, my neighbors, and virtually everyone I came into contact with. They all had an agenda in their relationships with me, because they were all following the path of darkness.

I was tested many times when I was a kid in an effort to see if I could be persuaded to change sides in the spiritual warfare that's raging on Earth. One of my most vivid memories from my childhood was the time I was coaxed into killing a ground squirrel by one of my so-called friends. He had the brilliant idea that it would be fun to take a garden hose and flush them out of their nest. Then we could catch them with a towel, tie them up inside the towel and use it for a baseball. One of us would pitch and the other one would hit.

Wanting to be liked, and to have a new friend in my life, I went along for one swing of the bat. When we opened the towel to see what we'd done, my friend started howling with laughter. I, on the other hand, felt deeply ashamed of what we'd done. I'd never felt the presence of God in my life more intensely than I felt it at that moment, and I don't think I've ever felt it more intensely since that day. I was overcome by my conscience and refused to participate in the "game" any longer.

Needless to say, that was the end of that friendship. But I decided then and there that it was more important to follow my conscience than it was to be popular, and I've tried to live according to that principle my entire life. I haven't always succeeded, but I have many times, and each time I did, it resulted in my being held in even lower esteem than before by everyone else.

When I was working as an editor at the South Bend (Ind.) Tribune in 1991, I was presented with a rare opportunity to put my beliefs into action. Now I realize that it was all a set-up, but it was a golden opportunity just the same, and I seized it.

Back in 1974, during my sophomore year at the University of Michigan, I discovered that President Kennedy was assassinated by a conspiracy and that Lee Harvey Oswald was framed for the crime by the CIA. By 1991, I had read many books on the subject and was well-acquainted with the facts surrounding the case.

So when one of our book reviewers gave a favorable review to "Conspiracy of One," an absurd book that backed the lone-gunman theory, I responded by writing a series of book reviews that praised some books that exposed the conspiracy, including "High Treason," "Crossfire," "On the Trail of the Assassins" and "Plausible Denial."

Seven months later, my mother died suddenly and unexpectedly at age 62 -- allegedly from a  heart attack. It may indeed have been a heart attack, but since the CIA has long been able to induce fatal heart attacks by various methods, I believe she was murdered by the CIA to begin the process of dismantling my so-called life.

At any rate, to my surprise, I received an extremely chilly reception from my colleagues at the newspaper after I started  writing those book reviews.

I went into the business because I love finding out the truth, telling the truth and writing about the truth. I assumed my colleagues felt the same way, but I found out I was wrong about that. Most of them just didn't want their world to be turned upside down and couldn't stand to see their illusions shattered. Or maybe they were CIA operatives who were willingly helping to cover up the truth.

I guess my colleagues didn't agree with Gary Webb's famous quote: "Authentic journalism is telling people something the government doesn't want them to know."

He said that shortly before the government killed him for exposing the CIA's drug-running activities in Central America and Los Angeles in a series of articles he wrote for the San Jose Mercury-News and later in a book called "Dark Alliance."

Whereas I considered myself a hero for fighting against injustice and exposing evil, my colleagues evidently considered me a heretic. I guess they think if the U.S. government does something, that makes it right, no matter what  the facts are. That's the kind of thinking that leads to the downfall of civilizations.

I could cite hundreds more examples to illustrate my point, but I think you get the general idea. Whereas I had an innate love for truth and justice, most of my colleagues couldn't be bothered. They were more interested in being popular and getting ahead in their careers than they were in rocking the boat and fighting injustice.

At any rate, because of my background as a mind-control victim, I've been under some form of surveillance by satanists ever since I was a little boy, and they love to surround me with their agents. One of their favorite tricks is to have their agents write songs about me.

I was introduced by one of my so-called friends to singer-songwriter Richard Buckner for this purpose. He wrote a song called "Kingdom" from the album "Meadow," released in 2006, that I believe was written specifically for my benefit (and detriment).

You can listen to it here: Kingdom by Richard Buckner

Let's take a look at some of the lyrics and see how they apply to my life.

"Kingdom calling, don't you want to come and hide, all the way to the other side?"

This is a reference to the fact that they've been trying to get me to commit suicide since 2004, when I was "targeted" by an illegal covert operation designed to destroy my career and my life. "The other side" is where you go when you die.

"Your turn, falling, didn’t land at all, and some would say, was never gone."

In other words, I was a fallen angel like all the rest, but my heart was never in it all the way. 

"Is there anything I can do, to clear the door to another realm."

Meaning, please let me know how I can assist you in the task of taking your own life.

It's a terrific song in some ways, but I can imagine how most people would find the lyrics somewhat puzzling. Seen from my point of view, they make perfect sense.

Another song that I believe was written for my benefit (and detriment) is "The Thing You Love Is Killing You" by the Chicago alt-country band Dolly Varden. I've been trying to post the lyrics here, but they won't let me (the CIA, NSA, FBI or whoever has me under surveillance and controls my computer remotely and censors me whenever they feel it's necessary).

You can listen to it here: The Thing You Love Is Killing You

They won't let me copy and paste, but I'll try transcribing a few of the lyrics here:

"I see your face, all is not well. You try to hide it away, but it's easy to tell. You stick to your guns, even though, you know it's true: The thing you love, is killing you."

"When you were a kid, inspiration called. Slowly you've narrowed it down, to a desk and a wall. You pour out your soul, to a world whose indifference is spelled out for you: The thing you love, is killing you."

In other words, you keep finding out the truth and telling the truth and writing about the truth, but nobody cares because we're all creatures of darkness and we chose to be evil. The thing you love (the truth) is killing you.

I understand what he means, but I would make a slight correction: The thing I hate is killing me.

People who hate the truth and love to keep the whole world in darkness are killing me, not the truth.


Anonymous said...

Hello. I'm a 17 year old female student and after reading your blog I decided to study as you did. I find the information extremely interesting and simply wondered if there is anything else that humanity can do in order to redeem ourselves and go back to being angels again in our home: Heaven? Does God forgive us? Why did we rebel against him and what drove us to such extreme measures? Why were we so hateful? I will be checking back here daily and I eagerly await your reply.

brussellsprout said...

It's simple, really.

First of all, refuse to participate in crimes against humanity such as gang stalking. I've been a victim of this crime for more than a decade and I've written about it extensively on this blog.

Secondly, have compassion for your fellow man and keep the best interests of humanity in your heart at all times.

Develop a love for the truth. Don't lie to people, don't deceive people, don't get involved in corrupt business practices.

Demonstrate in your thoughts, your words and your actions that you're not just out for yourself. God will love you for that.

As far as the rest is concerned, I don't know the full story, but I have the feeling that we were all involved in evil in some way before our time here on Earth.

As I understand it, Lucifer led the rebellion against God, and a third of the souls in Heaven went along with him.

I don't know if I was part of that or not, but if I was, I must have changed my mind after I got here, because I chose God over Satan, good over evil and truth over lies, and I've been paying for that decision every single day of my life ever since.

I believe God will forgive you if you demonstrate the qualities I've described while you're here on Earth.

Best wishes!