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Gang Stalked by Devil-Worshiping, Homicidal Sociopaths

To give you a better understanding of the fascist police state that exists in the United States today, I'm going to provide a detailed description of the psychological trauma I’ve been subjected to for the past 10 years as a result of being "targeted" by an illegal covert operation.

All for the "crime" of being an honest man and doing my job as a journalist by exposing corruption in the CIA, the FBI, the Department of Nazi Land Security and various other corrupt government agencies.

As I mentioned before, the food and drinks I purchase at the grocery store are almost always contaminated with some unknown toxic chemical because employees of grocery stores and restaurants do whatever the FBI and CIA tell them to do. I’ve tried driving 50 miles or more away from home to do my shopping, but it doesn't seem to matter, the gang stalkers are always ready for me, and so are the grocery stores.

Since there are certain products that I tend to buy regularly, all they have to do is switch out a few of those products, and they can be fairly confident that I'll purchase at least some contaminated products when I do my shopping. Sometimes if I try something new, it will taste OK, but the next time I buy it, it’s always contaminated like everything else, because they took note of what I purchased and made sure to be ready for my next visit.

For me, a typical trip to the grocery store transpires as follows.

When I arrive, the parking lot is loaded with vehicles whose colors are supposed to convey some type of message to me. Usually there will be a lot of black and red vehicles because black symbolizes disapproval and death, and red symbolizes that they want me to stop shopping at that store or that I better stop shopping there because the food is contaminated -- just as a red light means stop on a traffic signal.

When I walk from my car toward the store, usually there will be someone dressed in black walking in the same direction, in my field of view and at the same pace that I’m walking, so I have to stop or speed up to get away from them. Or someone dressed in black will be walking toward me and pass by with a smirk on their face.

As I enter the store, someone will usually be leaving at the same time, which is designed to remind me that they have me under surveillance and they were waiting for me. As soon as I enter the store, I can hear music playing on the intercom, usually way louder than usual. Often, the song that’s playing will be inappropriate for a public place -- perhaps a country song or a pop song about someone who’s been dumped by their girlfriend and is feeling suicidal.

Or it might be a song that has some personal meaning for me because of the nature of the mind-control project. For example, one time when I was in a store, they were playing “If You Could Read My Mind” by Gordon Lightfoot. Since they’re constantly reading my mind with their surveillance equipment, they wanted me to be reminded of that fact when I heard that song and to associate it with being targeted.

According to a lawsuit filed by John St. Clair Akwei, the National Security Agency has had the capability of reading people’s thoughts for years with top secret, sophisticated surveillance equipment. You can read all about it on the Internet by searching for Akwei vs. NSA.

Another time when I was in a store, I remember them playing the song, “We Don’t Need Another Hero” by Tina Turner. Again, it was played way louder than normal, and it’s not really the kind of song that’s appropriate for a grocery store, especially at that volume. But it was all meant for me because they think I was trying to be a hero by doing my job as a journalist and exposing corruption in government.

Since they usually know which products I’m likely to buy, gang stalkers will be positioned in front of a product I’m planning to buy when I get there, blocking my path and crowding my personal space. If it’s been tampered with, they’ll be dressed in black.

Sometimes they’ll stage conversations with each other and speak louder than normal to make sure I can overhear them. I remember one stalker said to another one time, with a smirk on her face, “You read my mind.” That was supposed to make me feel angry and helpless because it was obvious they were part of the conspiracy but there was nothing I could do about it.

After having my personal space invaded numerous times by stalkers who stand too close to me, I’ll arrive at the checkout counter and I’ll be surrounded by stalkers dressed in black and carrying on more noisy conversations tailored to make some reference to me and to reinforce some negative emotion associated with being targeted.

Store clerks will usually ask me something like, “How are you doing today?” or “You doin’ all right today?” They ask me that because they know very well that I’m not doing all right today, and they want to reinforce that fact. And their conversation will usually involve some trigger words that are used to reinforce some aspect of the project.

Since they want me to feel remorse for being a “good” person, they say something like, “It’s all good,” or “Have a good day.” Seemingly innocuous remarks such as those can cause me to feel distress because they reinforce the idea that store clerks are well aware that I’m being targeted and they’re willingly participating in the harassment and enjoying it a great deal.

As I leave the store, I’ll cross paths with more devil-worshiping gang stalkers dressed in black to reinforce the idea that the products I’ve just purchased are going to kill me.

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People who are evil and have chosen to worship the Devil love inflicting suffering on those of us who have chosen to reject the Devil and worship God instead. As far as I know, I’m one of the few people left in the world who doesn’t worship the Devil. That’s the main reason why I was targeted.

Read all about it in William Carr‘s book, “Satan, Prince of This World,” which is available on the Internet.

References to Satanism are everywhere in this country. One time when I was getting my hair cut at a beauty salon, they had the radio cranked way up for the INXS song, “The Devil Inside.” The lyrics go, “The devil inside, the devil inside. Every single one of us, the devil inside.” Totally inappropriate for a public place, especially played at high volume.

The technology possessed by modern intelligence agencies is far more advanced than the sanitized version publicized in the news media.

Military planes fly overhead and try to intimidate me when I'm reading something they don't like. Or the refrigerator will kick on at the precise instant that I'm reading something they want me to notice. Or maybe it will be a line from a movie on TV. Or a strange wind will blow through the ventilation system of my house at the same instant that a controversial thought pops into my head.

My furnace makes strange clicking sounds, usually timed in such a way as to convey a message about something I'm reading. Or someone will turn on the shower in a neighboring apartment, and the plumbing will be tampered with in such a way that a deafening roar will emanate from the pipes, coinciding with a sentence I'm reading that relates somehow to mind control or another topic they don't like me reading about.

Every single day, sometimes dozens of times daily, gang stalkers will slam their car doors at a time that coincides with something I'm reading or a line from a movie or a newscast. Hallway doors are also slammed with great regularity, usually timed in such a way as to convey a message to me.

For example, one time I was watching a movie, and one of the characters said, "His mother is the only one who ever loved him." At the exact instant that sentence was completed, a hallway door slammed so hard that it shook my apartment.

Another time I was listening to a song on my CD player in my apartment. There’s a line in that song that goes, “And Dad would dream of all the different ways to die … each one a little more than he could dare to try … ” Just as that line was completed, a gang stalker in the apartment below mine pounded on the ceiling just below where I was sitting, which startled me and delivered the message, “We want you to kill yourself, but you’re too afraid to try.”

That reminds me of another incident that happened when I was playing golf. A carload of young people drove by as I was getting ready to line up a putt and someone rolled down the window, looked in my direction and yelled, “Die!!!” These were people I didn’t know and had never seen before in my life. If they weren’t part of the conspiracy, why would they do that?

Another one of their favorite tricks is to have someone brush up against me while I’m standing at a concert or a festival or somewhere out in public. Usually it’s timed to coincide with a song lyric. For example, one time I was at a concert, and when the singer sang the line, “You’re lucky to be alive,” a gang stalker suddenly turned around and bumped into me as he was leaving -- right in the middle of the song. The message was that I’m lucky to be alive after all the damage I’ve done to the cause of Satanism by finding out the truth, telling the truth and writing about the truth.

When I stay home all day, which I usually do, sometimes their only opportunity to harass me outside my home is when I walk to the mailbox to get my mail. They take advantage of the opportunity by sending noisy military aircraft and helicopters overhead or by having someone fire gunshots the moment I open my front door to get the mail. There’s a firing range not far from where I live, and I notice a dramatic increase in gunshots when I’m walking to the mailbox and back.

Here are some other tactics they use against me:

* When I’m out driving somewhere, gang stalkers are constantly positioned in front of me so I can read their license plates. One of their favorite tricks is to make reference to my wedding date, which was 6-26-76 (666, the Mark of the Beast). So I see the number 26 all the time. And sometimes when they want me to be reminded of a certain year when something traumatic happened in my life, the car in front of me will have a license plate that says something like “YRS7693.” I got married in the year 1976 and my wife divorced me in the year 1993.

Or the license plate on the car in front of me will read, “MPD8083.” That’s because my ex-wife’s initials are MPD and my children were born in 1980 and 1983. The idea is to constantly subject me to a barrage of negative stimuli.

* FedEx and UPS drivers often participate in the conspiracy in various ways. For example, one time I ordered some health bars online and when the delivery driver arrived to deliver the package, he slammed it down outside my front door just as I was opening a bottle of antacids. The reason for that was that the health bars had been spiked with some unknown toxic chemical that causes me to experience indigestion when I eat them. That was upsetting for me, to put it mildly, because I’d had such high hopes that I might have found a product that would be safe to eat.

* I used to enjoy listening to music in my car when I was out driving around, but all that changed because of being targeted. Gang stalkers in front of me step on their brakes and make their brake lights turn on in response to certain song lyrics that are playing on my stereo. They know the lyrics to all the songs I have on CD, so all they have to do is signal the car ahead of me to step on the brakes at the exact instant the targeted lyrics are being sung.

For example, they did that to me one time with one of my favorite songs. One line in the song goes, “The thing you love … is killing you.” That’s a concept the mind-controllers have tried to reinforce with me many times. In other words, they’re trying to make me feel guilty for finding out the truth, telling the truth, writing about the truth and loving the truth. But it’s not the truth that’s killing me, it’s people who are trying to cover up the truth who are killing me. Still, when I noticed they were doing that to all my favorite songs, I had to stop listening to them. Now I just listen to classical music or instrumental music so they can’t use the lyrics against me.

* I’ve been involved in three car “accidents” that were staged by gang stalkers. The most recent one happened in South Carolina last summer when I was on my way to Myrtle Beach. I was coasting up to a stoplight, going about 15 or 20 mph, when the car behind me slammed into mine while traveling about 30 or 40 mph. I suffered whiplash injuries in the crash and went to a chiropractor for treatment.

I don’t often travel far from home, but occasionally I feel like getting away for a brief vacation and a change of scenery. The mind-controllers don’t like it when I do that, so they decided to send me a message on that day, which just happened to be my birthday, June 30. I know it wasn’t an accident because the woman who was driving the car made no attempt to stop her car as she plowed into mine. She claimed the accelerator stuck, but there were no skid marks on the pavement, there was no sound of tires screeching and there was no indication she had applied the brakes. Also, her last name was Goodman, which was yet another reference to the fact that I’m being targeted because I’m a “good man” and I chose to be good instead of evil, despite being born into a satanic cult with a long family tradition or worshiping the Devil.

* One objective of poisoning my food and drinks seems to be to cause cancer. They constantly make references to cancer in an attempt to intimidate me and cause me to feel anxiety about my health. For example, I receive unsolicited mail and phone messages from the American Cancer Society and various other cancer-related groups, including the Mayo Clinic, as well as from local funeral homes. And I receive unsolicited offers from life insurance companies, despite the fact that I already own life insurance and I’m not interested in purchasing additional coverage.

After I got blacklisted from the newspaper business, I was working as a customer service rep at a small office in Indianapolis in the summer of 2005. In the men’s restroom, there was gigantic poster on the wall, all about cancer. I believe it was placed there for my benefit -- or should I say detriment.

* Another objective of the project seems to be to drive me to suicide. One gang stalker at work even showed me how to do it. As I mentioned before, I was surrounded by gang stalkers at my last four places of employment. When I was working as a customer service rep in 2005, the gang stalkers in my immediate vicinity got to talking about suicide one day. One of them told the story about how she had witnessed a suicide in the street one day. Then she turned to me and said, “This is how you do it. Place the gun in your mouth and point it up toward your brain.” She used her hands to demonstrate what she was talking about. I got the message.

Another time the conversation at work turned to local satanic cult activity. One girl mentioned how she’s been in the woods and seen altars and candles and other evidence that it was a place frequented by local cult members. Again, another form of harassment and attempted intimidation.

* I was falsely accused of sexual harassment while working at my last newspaper job for asking one of my co-workers if she’d like to join me for a cup of coffee or a drink after work. This was someone I’d worked closely with for years and thought was my friend. In fact, she asked me out first, and we’d already gone out together a couple times when I asked her. The human resources manager launched a full-scale investigation of the alleged harassment incident and determined the complaint was invalid. But despite being fully exonerated, I started getting the cold shoulder from all the women in the office after that happened. They started giving me dirty looks and refusing to talk to me.

* My work was sabotaged by one of my co-workers on the design desk. My job as a copy editor was to check over the pages before they went to press and make sure everything was OK. I would give the final approval while standing next to one of the design editors who had the page up on their screen. This one particular night, I gave the OK on a page, and after I left, the design editor substituted the wrong story for the one that had been on the page when I approved it. The next day, one of the city editors berated me for approving the page, and I didn’t understand how I could have made such an obvious mistake. I didn’t realize until later that I’d been deliberately sabotaged as part of the conspiracy to get me to leave.

* I was also mobbed out my previous job at a newspaper in suburban Chicago. While I was working there, I started having trouble with women in the office. Now I realize I was the victim of a deliberate sabotage campaign called mobbing (emotional abuse in the workplace), described in detail on the web site,

Usually it would happen this way. An attractive young woman in the office would start flirting with me and giving me the idea that she was interested in going out with me. Then, when I tried to pursue her, she would act as though she was offended that I would even ask. After that, I would get a lot of cold stares and bad vibes from various women in the office, which was designed to make me feel anxiety and remorse, I'm sure.

Taken individually, all these incidents may not seem so traumatic, but when they happen every single day, day after day and year after year, they begin to pile up and wear you down. You feel overwhelmed by all the evil people in the world.

Annie Earle, a licensed clinical social worker with more than 25 years of experience as a psychotherapist, was quoted in “The Hidden Evil,” Mark Rich’s book about the covert war. “Targeted individuals are subjected to a level of stress that the average American cannot even imagine,” she said.

The covert psychological torture that targets experience is identical to what East German targets received. Markus Wolf, who was hired as a consultant by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security after a long career as the chief of secret police in East Germany, noted that the "psychological effects" of the Stasi's harassment campaigns "were probably more damaging, ultimately, than any physical torture would have been." The hiring of the ex-chief of the Stasi to consult for Homeland Security also coincided with a 2004 White House push to recruit over 15,000 citizen informants to help counterterrorism investigations. Wolf and his Stasi shadow loom large over the Department of Homeland Security he helped shape.

Also, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists noted in its July 1, 1999, edition: "For many, the discovery that their best friends or their own family members were betraying them to the Stasi was worse, in its own way, than torture in an internment camp."

Before I got targeted, I used to enjoy working. I was involved in work that was interesting and rewarding in many ways. I’ve always loved finding out the truth and telling the truth, and that’s why I went into journalism. I wanted to make a positive impact on society by giving people the information they need to make informed decisions, and also to fight against injustice.

But after I was targeted, I was blacklisted from the newspaper business after working for more than 20 years as a reporter and editor. The only jobs I was allowed to have were in workplaces that were heavily infiltrated by gang stalkers who harassed me all day long.

I hope this gives you a clearer picture of what my life has been like these last 10 years, and why it's important to prosecute the people who are responsible for this atrocity and put them behind bars so they can't do this to any more innocent, defenseless people, ever again.


Anonymous said...

I can relate to it all. I've had this for 54 years of my life. The last 16 years being the worst. My wife of18 years was an agent

brussellsprout said...

Sorry to hear about your ordeal. Were your "targeted" by a satanic cult? Used in mind-control projects? Pretty soon, when Planet X goes raging through the solar system, all the evil motherfuckers who did this to us are going to be judged harshly and then punished. I hope one day they'll have the tables turned on them and get a taste of their own medicine. Then we'll just see how well they like it.

Anonymous said...

I kinda hope the nibiru story is true. I was gangstalked for several years. I will tell you that the medical systems is loaded with gangstalkers. I also believe not all gangstalkers are aware of what they are doing to targets. I began to notice folks who gangstalked were dead in their eyes. And didn't seem conscientious how evil they looked. believe some of the gangstalkers were just that.

Anonymous said...

If you can translate it, there is a great book that was a composite of stories by former targets of Markus wolf's east germany. Please look for Zersetzung Der seele. It's quite informative. Mr. Wolf was an expert at turning family and friends the state against the targets . It's a shame the USA elite idolizes septic tank sludge.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the "gangstalkers" are demon possessed.