Tuesday, November 01, 2005

State of the Union

Following is an excerpt from an article on the state of the union by Allen Barker, who is also a target of gang stalking and electronic harassment. His three-part series on mind control is here: http://www.jbhfile.com/Part_I_Motives_for_Mind_Control.htm

State of the Union

Consider the population for a moment to be made up of three tiers. This does not begin to capture the true complexity, but begins to show the pattern. The top tier is made up of the controlling elites. The bottom tier is the oppressed group, the group whose lives really do not matter to the controlling elites except as workers or as scapegoats. In between there is the middle tier. (These tiers are not completely correlated with wealth or official titles. For example, many wealthy people and some members of Congress are in what I am calling the middle tier.) The unspoken deal between the middle tier and the elites is basically that members of the middle tier will be allowed to prosper, raise families, and have access to a reasonable level of justice, if only they buy the grand lie. That is, the middle tier gets to live the "American dream'' life, provided they do not make trouble for the controlling elites, follow their cues, and pretend everyone is free to achieve just like they are.

The interesting thing is that most members of the middle tier are not even aware of this. They really believe all the rhetoric. People who cannot achieve what they have achieved are thought of as flawed and lazy. They refuse to believe their government could launch a covert terror campaign against its own citizens. Middle tier citizens who get put down by the controlling elites for threatening the grand lie are assumed to have done something (else) to deserve it. This belief system is self-reinforcing, and is reinforced further by the collective scoffing at "kooks'' who claim otherwise. These middle tier people include some of the most educated members of our society! People who go through years of schooling, but apparently cannot or choose not to think outside their specialty or for themselves. This is partly because it takes time and effort to see outside of what you are constantly told. Middle tier individuals are typically busy, having to work harder than ever to just maintain their standard of living.

The Secret Police By Any Other Name

Some people might claim that the situation I have just described is, if not ancient history, sour grapes from someone who did not fare well in the meritocracy. But I completely support free enterprise and the ability of citizens to make use of and benefit from their talent, hard work, and luck -- provided we also recognize and maintain a basic level of human decency for the less fortunate. The problem with the system today is that, both politically and economically, the deck is stacked, the cards are marked, and if you still manage to win they rob you when you step out the door.

The controlling elites still tightly control the political system and certain aspects of the economy. They try to control the culture and social climate as well. Instead of using the crude tactics of earlier times, though, the philosophy of the late 20th century American controlling elites is to use covert operations, surveillance, secret harassment, and torture to suppress dissent, and the tactics of information warfare and control to sway the opinions of the public (and even what ideas they have access to). While these methods all have their counterparts in earlier times, they have been greatly expanded and institutionalized in modern times. All under the cover of the grand lie that none of it is happening at all and the Bill of Rights is a respected document.

The U.S. government maintains at least 12 separate intelligence agencies. They spend around 30 billion dollars of our tax money each year, in secret, with almost no effective oversight. Even with the Cold War over and other defense spending on the decrease, spending on intelligence agencies is rising. The claim that these agencies do not operate domestically is part of the grand lie -- they definitely spy on American citizens here in the U.S. Some of these agencies also maintain proprietary companies that interact in the private market. They also maintain close ties with former agents in the civilian sector. In addition to the intelligence agencies, there are numerous federal law enforcement agencies, some of which have secret branches and none of which is particularly accountable for its actions.

That these agencies do some good and necessary work is true; it is also irrelevant. Fascists always point out that Mussolini made the trains run on time (whether he truly did or not). These agencies have, regularly and repeatedly, trampled the rights of American citizens. Beyond this they have committed crimes against humanity -- weapons tests on citizens, nonconsensual experimentation, and mind control -- that can only be compared to the sick experiments of Josef Mengele. Apologists for these sadistic crimes should be considered to be volunteering themselves and their families for the next round of torture -- though part of the appeal of acting as an apologist is the belief that it minimizes one's chance of being victimized next.

Comparisons to Nazis are usually hyperbolic, but in this case the shoe fits. This is clear from the acknowledged crimes we know to have been committed, and those crimes are just the tip of the iceberg. The controlling elites in this nation, including many of its highest leaders, do everything in their power to protect their secret thugs from exposure or accountability. The secret thugs in turn neutralize any threat to their power and privilege that might come from outside the standard channels. Even potential leaders from outside the system are put down as a preventative measure.

The U.S. government holds slaves. It tags, tracks, monitors, and tortures its own citizens (and those of other nations) like animals. It maintains an electronic gulag system whereby the very homes and minds of "dissidents'' and experimental guinea pigs are turned into concentration camps. The controlling elites have basically concluded that Hitler was right, but that he should have always acted in secret and with deniability. The American public has been trained into an ignorant brutality and is seemingly incapable of outrage.

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