Sunday, November 06, 2005

Workplace Harassment

I just finished my most recent "job," which was little more than a torture chamber, as expected. My assignment was to score essays by eighth-graders on the Indiana standardized test. There were hundreds of us in this giant scoring room, and I was placed far away from the exits so everybody could get in place for their harassment routines.

Just getting in and out of the office was an ordeal. Instead of having staggered shifts, everybody had to work from 5:30 to 10:30 on the evening shift. That meant that there was a huge traffic jam whenever I needed to punch in or punch out. Since crowding my personal space is one of their favorite tricks, it was an ideal setup for perps.

They could stare at me, smirk at me, and engage in conversations within earshot that were meant to convey the message that they had me under surveillance. One time as I was passing by, I heard one perp say to another, "Government is organized crime," which is something I've said myself many times.

Certainly the most recent posts are more urgent, but the story of what happened to me should be of concern to you also because the objective of mind control is to turn you, your children and everyone else you care about in the whole, wide world into a microchipped, remote-controlled slave in the impending global fascist dictatorship, also known as the New World Order. See  this

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In the scoring room, masonic hand signals were the rule of the day. Everyone participated by touching their nose or their face in one form or another. And noise campaigns were common. One night, perps coughed every 5 or 10 seconds for the entire shift. It was so obvious that it was a setup, but NOBODY commented on it. This is another tipoff when you're surrounded by perps. Everybody pretends nothing out of the ordinary is going on.

The same holds true in the neighborhood where I have lived with my brother since September 2004. Vehicles drive by our house with WAY MORE regularity than normal, and neighbors engage in all kinds of rude behavior like mowing the lawn at 9 a.m. on a Saturday, just to make noise. But since most if not all of our neighbors are perps, nobody complains. Everybody KNOWS what's going on.

Occasionally at work, I would come across an essay that was "off topic," and I was supposed to report those to my supervisor. A couple of them were designed specifically for me. One was by a kid who made all kinds of Satanic references and described how he was a HERETIC, which I interpreted to mean that's what they think I am. Someone who holds unpopular views. Well, yes, it is unpopular to challenge the CIA. And it's especially dangerous to write articles that point out that the CIA staged a coup d'etat when it overthrew President Kennedy in 1963. This country has been systematically dismantled ever since that day.

Another essay I came across made reference to a toy called "Robot in a House." The kid was telling how he went to the store and found it on a shelf and wanted to buy it. Well, since I'm under surveillance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and my mind and body are basically a laboratory for remote stimulation through implants, I am basically a "Robot in a House."

I had a similar incident in my last job, where I was working as a customer service rep for General Electric. One day as I was walking past a woman's desk on my way to the bathroom, she just "happened" to be playing lines from movies on some web site, and she just "happened" to play one of my favorite lines from Sling Blade. That's a movie my brother and I have watched many times, so I took it to mean that this woman wanted me to know that she is part of the team of psychopaths that has me under surveillance.

I am not "allowed" to have a job anymore unless it's at a workplace that has been infiltrated by perps ahead of time. Unless they can harass me on the job, they sabotage all my employment opportunities.

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Jennifer's Corner said...

Thank you for writing about this.. I am an CIA survivor from govt mind control and RA suvivor. Jennifer