Saturday, October 29, 2005

How It All Started

I worked in the newspaper business for more than 20 years, mostly as a reporter or copy editor, but ever since I lost my job in August 2004, I've been unable to find work in the industry.

The reason why I've been blacklisted is because I blew the whistle on some illegal activities involving the government, the police and a group of homicidal sociopaths who have been subjecting me to gang stalking and other forms of harassment. I suspect the CIA is behind it, but it could be the Department of Homeland Security, military intelligence or even the FBI. Or some combination of those agencies. I call them the Masonic police, because it's obviously a Masonic operation.

Since I was born into a multi-generational satanic cult and used in a CIA mind-control program called Procject Monarch when I was a child, I've been under some form of Masonic surveillance my entire life.  See this;

But everything got worse in 1991, when I started writing articles, columns and book reviews that were critical of the CIA and the FBI for killing President Kennedy and covering up the truth about the conspiracy.

I was working for the South Bend Tribune at the time, and the circulation of the paper was around 100,000, so they were among the most widely circulated articles in the country on that subject in the mainstream press. Most daily newspapers wouldn't touch that subject with a 10-foot pole, so you generally had to read obscure conspiracy-oriented magazines to find out the truth.

At any rate, I don't know this for sure, but I imagine that was why the harassment I experience started to intensify. I stopped writing about corruption in government about 1993 or 1994 because I realized it was hurting my career and I had a family to support. But I continued to speak out against corruption in government in private conversations with friends and acquaintances, as well as in Internet postings. Or were they really private?

The knowledge I gained from years of studying corruption allowed me to see right through the 9-11 cover story, and I was so appalled by that atrocity and our government's refusal to prevent it that I continued to educate myself in the ensuing years. That knowledge and my willingness to share it with other people made me a dangerous guy to have around, so that's why I was targeted for political harassment.

There are thousands of people all over the world who are going through the same extermination project I'm dealing with right now. There are several excellent web sites that describe the horrible ordeal in detail.

See these posts:

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And read this web site: New World War

Also, there's a support group called mcforums on yahoo where targeted individuals (TIs) such as myself can share their stories. I've talked on the phone and corresponded with some of the people on the list, but most of them are infiltrators who try to sabotage the group.

As far as my own story is concerned, I first started to notice that something was wrong with my relationships in 1998. I can't tell you how many times I met someone who seemed genuinely interested in me, only to have her break off the relationship abruptly and with no explanation.

This has happened to me dozens of times, and I now believe it's because the FBI contacted them and told them to stop seeing me. Or maybe someone lied to them and told them I was a child molester or something like that, who knows? The women would never tell me, so I have no way of knowing for sure.

Despite all the heartaches I'd been through, I remained relatively happy and unaware of what was happening to me until about June of 2004. One day on my way to work, I crossed paths with three or four police cars. This started happening to me every day. Sometimes there would be fire department vehicles or ambulances, often with their sirens on or their emergency lights on. I wasn't sure what it was all about, but I took it to mean they wanted me to know I was being watched.

Around that same time, I started having strange things happen to me when I was out walking or running in my neighborhood. Often, there would be an underage girl dressed in deliberately provocative clothing who would pass me as two or three creepy-looking people would observe my reaction from across the street. It was an obvious entrapment scheme, perhaps designed to gather evidence for a sex charge.

So, I did my best to ignore all these strange events after I realized I was under surveillance. Then it started happening at the newspaper where I was working. One girl would be dressed in provocative clothing and would lean over my desk as other people observed me from across the room. Another time I went to a fast food joint with two of my colleagues on the copy desk, and when we got there, standing in line in front of us was a really slutty-looking underage girl dressed in a tight miniskirt and a tight shirt. At first I thought it was an odd conincidence, then I realized it was another entrapment scheme.

Eventually, I became aware that I was under surveillance in my own apartment. I started hearing cars honking their horns in the street the minute I awakened in the morning or when I left the apartment or returned. And if I visited certain web sites on my home computer, I would hear a horn honk.

Usually it was because I was finding out the truth about criminal activities involving the CIA, the FBI or some other corrupt government agency.

Later, I learned the group of psychopaths that has been stalking me has access to military-grade infrared surveillance equipment that can see through walls. They knew what I was doing at all times, and they wanted me to know they knew it. I had no privacy in my own home. My phone was tapped and my computer was bugged to record every web site I visited and every e-mail I sent or received.

Then I started getting hit with electronic weapons like the ones described on those web sites I mentioned earlier. I noticed my arms and legs would jerk violently while I was lying in bed, and then I started having strange senations like I was being bombarded with electromagnetic waves or microwaves or sound waves.

Sometimes I would feel pain in my chest. Later, I learned these are all classic symptoms of someone who is being targeted by these weapons, which are similar to the ones that were used by the KGB to inflict damage on workers at the U.S. embassy in Moscow back in the 1970s. Many of those people later died from cancer, including two U.S. ambassadors. I expect to die of cancer or some other dreadful disease as a result of having been subjected to these weapons.

I was working at The Times of Northwest Indiana when this happened, but I had lined up a job with The Indianapolis Star, and I was scheduled to start in the middle of August 2004. But during my last week at The Times, I was battered with electronic weapons so severely that I was unable to sleep for three days. So, being desperate to stop the harassment, on my last day at work I sent out an e-mail to everyone on the staff, explaining what was happening to me and asking the paper to do a story on it, since it has such grave implications for democracy.

Needless to say, no one from The Times ever contacted me about doing a story, but someone at The Times or possibly the FBI took it upon themselves to forward my e-mail message to The Indianapolis Star, which promptly canceled their job offer to me. I now realize it was all part of the Masonic plan to destroy my life.

I know it probably sounds too strange to be true, but that's part of the reason why these psychopaths hired by the government get away with their atrocities. When you try to tell people what's happening to you, they think you're crazy. Plus, there's a constant slander campaign conducted against you in an effort to discredit you with your friends, family and the community.

For example, around the time all this started happening to me, I noticed I was starting to get the cold shoulder from people at work and people who worked at some of my favorite bars in Chicago. It started taking a lot longer to get served, and when I did, it was generally service without a smile. And these were people who had previously been friendly to me. After a while, it starts to get you down, which is exactly what the perpetrators want.

One day I got a bunch of shopping carts slammed into me at the grocery store. I was in the parking lot, walking toward the store one day when some kid pushed the carts into me from behind, cutting my leg down by the Achilles tendon. He denied doing it on purpose but I know it was deliberate because he had ample time to warn me ahead of time and he didn't say a word. He just let the carts slam into me. From reading the web sites, I knew the grocery store is a favorite playground for the perps, so I knew what was going on immediately. I complained to the store manager, but he said it was an accident.

A lot of what I experience is psychological warfare. Perps get in my way as I enter or leave a store, and sometimes they block my path while I'm out driving around. One of their favorite tricks is to line up at the entrance to an expressway, causing me to have to wait an extra 5 or 10 minutes. Since my phone is tapped, they often know where I'm going when I leave the house. That gives them a head start.

I think their strategy is to make me kill myself or get committed to a mental institution or prison. But the truth is, I can deal with all their stupid tricks. The biggest problem is the blacklisting. It makes it impossible to get a job. I'll make a call, leave a message and my calls are not returned. I'll go fill out an application, but they never call me.

One of the worst parts of this ordeal is the fact that what got me into this mess was that I have integrity and I believe people have a right to know the truth about their government. I was appalled that so many evil people were in charge of everything, and I was naive enough to believe something could be done about it.

After I started writing articles about the JFK assassination in 1991, traumatic experiences started happening to me. I didn't realize it at the time, but looking back on it now, it seems at least some of them could have been deliberate. The reason why I say that is, they had the effect of further isolating me and making me an easier target.

The first thing that happened was my mother died suddenly and unexpectedly, allegedly of a heart attack. She had had a previous heart attack, so even though she was only 62 when she died, I never thought there was anything fishy about it. But I've heard that technology exists that is capable of inducing a heart attack, so sometimes I wonder if that could have been done to my mother. And perhaps that was how she suffered the first heart attack as well.

After she died, I inherited some money, which made it possible for my wife to divorce me. If it hadn't been for that, it would not have been feasible for us financially. I wanted to stay together, but she insisted on the divorce, and she got custody of our two children, who were 13 and 10 at the time.

It's now apparent to me that I had an "arranged" marriage and an "arranged" divorce, without my knowledge. It was all part of the Masonic plan to destroy my life.

Having my family break up was traumatic for me emotionally, and it was financially devastating. I started getting further and further into debt as a result of having to pay child support, and I eventually was forced to file bankruptcy.

Compounding this problem was the fact that all my relationships were disintegrating, usually with no explanation. Burgeoning romances fizzled out. It was a pattern that has repeated itself dozens of times since the divorce, and the effect has been to keep me isolated and under constant emotional and financial stress.

Since I was unable to find a good job in South Bend, Indiana, where I was living at the time, I accepted a job with a newspaper in the Chicago area in 1998 while my children were still in high school. While I was working there, I started having trouble with women in the office. At first I just thought it was bad luck, but now I realize I was the victim of a deliberate sabotage campaign.

Usually it would happen this way. An attractive young woman in the office would start flirting with me and giving me the idea that she was interested in going out with me. Then, when I tried to pursue her, she would act as though she was offended that I would even ask. After that, I would get a lot of cold stares and bad vibes from various women in the office, which was designed to make me feel anxiety and remorse, I'm sure.

Then I got laid off, for the first time in my life. About 12 people in the newsroom were let go, and they claimed it had nothing to do with my job performance, but I think it was part of the grand scheme to undermine my confidence and my financial situation. Coupled with the humiliating experiences I was having with women, it had the desired effect.

A few weeks later, I received an offer from another paper in the area, but it was more of the same. This time I was harassed by almost everyone in the office. I even had a bogus harassment complaint filed against me by a young woman who had led me on in the usual fashion. The complaint was determined to be invalid by the human resources manager, but it didn't matter, because virtually all the women in the office started giving me dirty looks and bad vibes. It was really difficult to work in that environment, especially since I knew in my heart that I didn't deserve to be treated that way. I never had problems getting along with people before this whole ordeal. I was always well-liked.

Since it's well known that the CIA has operatives working at most of the daily newspapers in the country, there's no doubt in my mind that the harassment I have endured at work was orchestrated by the CIA to punish me and eventually make it easier to silence me for my efforts to expose corruption in the intelligence agencies.

Both of my most recent roommates turned out to be informants, and they were able to help sabotage my relationships. For example, they would usually know where I was going on my night off, and there would be agents waiting at the nightclub to occupy my time and make sure I didn't meet anyone who would have been good for me. Then they would repeat the pattern and dump me at the end of the night, which further undermined my confidence.

I didn't figure all this out until later. Now I realize there are agents everywhere I go, so it makes me reluctant to initiate anything with women. I don't get "played" by agents anymore, but I don't meet any women, either, so that keeps me isolated.

After months of being unemployed, I finally found a job as a customer service rep back in February of 2005. I think I was allowed to have this job because the office was filled with CIA operatives. At work, I was surrounded by agents who did their best to sabotage me in whatever way they could. And on the way to work, I was stalked by agents in vehicles who messed around with the steering on my car.

I can tell there's a GPS device installed on my car, because they know where I am at all times. Sometimes they pull out in front of me deliberately. Twice I've had to slam on the brakes to avoid "accidents" when perps deliberately pulled out in front of me.

Every day, I'm a guinea pig for their sick experiments, which are designed to give the perps complete remote control over human beings and turn them into microchipped, remote-controlled slaves in the New World Order.

Sometimes I get headaches, stomach aches and diarrhea, and I'm awakened every 2-3 hours at night, so I never get a good night's sleep. I never get into the deeper stages of sleep, which keeps me tired and depressed all the time.

If someone tries to be my friend, they vanish soon, never to be heard from again. I'm harassed in every retail establishment, and even my own family participates in the harassment.

But all that pales in comparison to being poisoned to death by grocery stores and restaurants in the community where I live. See this:


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