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Bizarre Mind-Control Atrocity Exposed, Part 8

Susan E. Devine -- Co-editor of "Out of Darkness: Exposing Satanism and Ritual Abuse," published in 1992.
Jill Devine -- CIA operative, mind-control agent or whatever you want to call her, she was posing as a liberal activist when I met her in 1993. We went on a few dates, then she ended the relationship abruptly, establishing a pattern that would grow into an epidemic in the ensuing years. At first, she feigned interest in me, but it was just to set me up for the big fall. The daughter of former Notre Dame football coach Dan Devine.

Ann-Marie Germain -- Wrote master's thesis on ritual abuse while studying at Southern Illinois University in 1992. She herself was subjected to ritual abuse as a child, and in her master's thesis, she told how her father apologized to her near the end of his life and how he regretted having been a Mason. He told her a lot of evil things go on in Masonic temples and discouraged her from joining the Order of the Eastern Star, a Masonic organization for women.
Ann Marie Cox -- Editor at Time magazine online who made it a point to chat with me at a copy editors conference in Chicago in March 2003. Time magazine has long been one of the CIA's major assets in the news media.

Croton Reservoir -- Westchester (N.Y.) County site used in satanic cult activities, according to "The Ultimate Evil" by Maury Terry. This book shows that the Son of Sam killings in the 1970s were not the work of a lone assassin named David Berkowitz, but were perpetrated by Berkowitz and several other members of a satanic cult based in Westchester County.
Croton Pond -- Site of resort in Newaygo, Mich., where I spent a weekend with longtime "friends" Jim Scott, Mike Neesley and Rick Morch in August 1991. Now I know why they chose that particular location.

Wicker Street -- Street in Yonkers, N.Y., where David Berkowitz lived.
Wicker Park -- Chicago neighborhood that was a popular hangout for Daily Southtown reporters. One of them made a special effort to impress on me what a wonderful neighborhood it was when she gave me a ride from the Southtown office to the airport after my job interview in November 1997.

Galaxie 500 -- Model of the car Berkowitz drove when he allegedly committed the Son of Sam murders.
Galaxie 500 -- The name of Dean Wareham's first band. Wareham, who went on to form Luna, makes satanic references in his lyrics. My roommate, Kevin McCready, introduced me to Luna's music around 2000, and I became a big fan, seeing them six or seven times in concert before I realized their connection to satanism.

Jay Baldwin -- Veterinary student at the kennel in Westchester County where some of the animals used for sacrifice by the satanic cult were obtained.
Jim Baldwin -- Niles resident whom I hired to cover local sports when I was sports editor of the Niles Daily Star in 1979. Another of my so-called "friends," he was planted in my life by the mind-control team.
David Baldwin -- Public relations director for the International Trade Mart in New Orleans when Clay Shaw was director of the Trade Mart. Shaw was charged in 1967 by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison with conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy. He was later acquitted after the FBI, CIA and their friends in the news media sabotaged Garrison's case.

Jim Duffy -- Rented a room in Staten Island that was a hub of activity for the Son of Sam cult.
Jim Duffy -- One of my fellow drivers at Veterans Cab Co. in Ann Arbor, he introdced me to some bookies he knew in 1976, and I started gambling on sports. Another example of my "friends" introducing me to destructive habits.

Tony Catalano -- Owned animal shelter in Yonkers where the Son of Sam cult obtained animals used in sacrifices.
Sue Catalano -- Scorekeeper at FOP Park in Niles when I was sports editor. We worked closely together on publicizing the Little League games, sometime around 1979-80.

Father Lars -- Name of cult member Berkowitz hung out with.
Lars the Cabbie -- I can't remember his last name, but we both drove for Roseland Cab Co. around 1996-97. We used to go out for breakfast together at the end of our night shift.

Harliss -- Last name of satanic cult member in Minot, N.D., who had connections with the Son of Sam cult.
Tricia Harless -- Rented my house on Wall Street in South Bend in 1998-99, causing me a lot of headaches because she hardly ever paid the rent on time. I had her evicted when I sold the house in 1999, and even then she wouldn't move out. I had to hire a moving company to pack up her belongings and put them in storage. Later, I realized it wasn't just random bad behavior, it was harassment. Her daughter Sally was one of my daughter's best friends, which was the main reason why I rented the house to her.

Stanford University -- Arlis Perry was murdered in a satanic ritual at a church on the Stanford campus in Palo Alto, Calif., in 1974. The murderer had connections to the Son of Sam cult, according to "The Ultimate Evil." Apparently she was targeted because of her efforts to convert some of the North Dakota cult members to Christianity.
Stanford Research Institute -- Site of mind-control research for the CIA as part of MKULTRA. My family went to the Stanford-Purdue football game in 1970 on the Palo Alto campus, and my wife and her sister arranged for us to visit the campus when we were vacationing in California in 1992. I believe that was to reinforce my connection to Stanford.

Jack Graham -- Investigator killed when his car collided with a semi truck in Michigan in the 1970s. He was looking into the Son of Sam connections with the North Dakota cult at the time of his death.
Dave Graham -- Grateful Dead fan and friend of Jim Scott's who attended a concert with us at the Indianapolis Sports Arena in 1984. I think it was on my birthday, June 30. Jim had me sit with his friend Greg Metz, way up in the bleachers, because he and Dave were on the main floor taping the show. During the concert, two assholes who were sitting behind us kept up a running negative commentary on Greg and me, making comments such as, "What a couple of losers," and so on, for no apparent reason. The problem was, Greg and I were both so high on LSD that we were unable or unwilling to respond. I now realize this was a setup, because I experienced a similar setup at a Notre Dame football game I attended with my son, where we were harassed throughout the game by an agent who was sitting behind us. It wasn't until years later that I realized these were not just random events.

Pamela Mumford -- Witness on the bus that Oswald allegedly took to Mexico City in the fall of 1963.
Lou Mumford -- South Bend Tribune reporter who worked closely with me in the 1990s when I was the Michigan editor and he was in the Niles bureau. He still works at the Tribune, and frequently uses trigger words in his articles that make it apparent he is part of the mind-control project.

Sgt. W.B. Funk -- Knew Harvey Oswald when they were both stationed at the Marine base in Santa Ana, Calif.
Larry Funk -- Niles resident, golfing buddy, Michigan fan and another so-called "friend."

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