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Bizarre Mind-Control Atrocity Exposed, Part 13

Last night I was looking through the index of Robert Blair Kaiser's book on the Robert Kennedy assassination, and I found more than 30 names that connect to people in my life. What this means is that the CIA has been trying to tell me all my life that the RFK assassination has its fingerprints all over it.

The multi-part series on my lifelong mind-control ordeal, posted here, shows how my life is connected to the JFK assassination, the Franklin scandal, the Small World preschool child-sexual-abuse scandal in Niles, Michigan, ritual abuse, satanism, Freemasonry and much more.

I didn't realize until last night that the RFK assassination has also been woven into the fabric of my life. Here are some of the "concidences" that I discovered last night.

Dr. Henry Cuneo -- Brain surgeon who treated RFK in Los Angeles in June 1968.
Kevin Cuneo -- Sports editor of the Erie (Pa.) Daily Times who hired me away from the Grand Rapids (Mich.) Press in May 1988. I always thought there was something fishy about it, because Kevin and his brother, Pat Cuneo, who was a reporter at the paper, told me they chose me from a field of more than 300 candidates. Let's face it, I wasn't that good of a sports writer. Now I realize that this particular job change, as well as several others -- maybe all of them, for all I know -- were based more on the needs of the mind-control project than they were on my journalistic abilities. One way they were able to sweeten the pot was, when I flew in for the interview, they took me straight to a bar in downtown Erie called the Docksider. That bar just happened to be the local Dead Head hangout, and while we were there, Grateful Dead music was playing constantly. I proceeded to drink beer with the rest of the sports staff, and by the time we got out of there, it was pretty clear I was going to fit in just fine. Since I had never mentioned anything to Kevin about being a Grateful Dead fan, it's pretty clear that he learned this through his connection to the mind-control project. I always thought it was just a coincidence until I saw the way the rest of the puzzle pieces fit together. When I finally discovered his name was a reference to the RFK assassination, that was the clincher. One possible reason why Kevin hired me away from the Grand Rapids papaer is that I was working as a copy editor on the news desk at that time, and I had been giving front-page play to stories about George Bush's involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal. Another time I was hired away from the Michigan State University journalism department by the Roanoke Times & World-News after I proposed doing my master's thesis on Jim Garrison's investigation of the JFK conspiracy.

Laurence W. Sloan -- Handwriting expert who testified at Sirhan's trial.
Tom Sloan -- One of my father's business associates from South Bend who stayed with us for a while in California, sometime around 1971.

Carol Breshears -- In charge of the "Kennedy girls" at the Ambassador Hotel on the night RFK was shot. She told a guard to keep an eye on the infamous "girl in the polka-dot dress."
Ellen Brashears -- Neighbor who lived across the street from us on Sunnymede Avenue in South Bend from 1990 until I moved out in 1992.

Richard Buckley -- Public defender who initially counseled Sirhan after his arrest.
Bonnie Buckley -- My father's secretary in 1970 when we moved to California, and later my stepmother. She previously worked at Lockheed, the CIA-connected defense contractor where Thane Eugene Cesar worked prior to his involvement in the RFK case. Cesar, who was armed with a gun in the pantry and was positioned behind RFK at the time of the shooting, is suspected by researchers of having fired the fatal shots. The autopsy showed the fatal shots were fired at point-blank range from behind RFK, and Sirhan never got closer than 2 or 3 feet, and was at all times positioned in front of Kennedy. What appears to have happened is that Sirhan was a mind-controlled patsy who fired blanks from his revolver as a distraction while the fatal shots were fired by someone else -- probably Cesar.

Everett Buckner -- Rangemaster where Sirhan practiced firing a pistol, shortly before the RFK shooting. Buckner initially told reporters about seeing Sirhan with a girl whose description matched the girl in the polka-dot dress. Later, after being pressured to change his story, he said he had been mistaken, and that Sirhan was there alone.
Everett's Drive-In -- Ann Arbor greasy spoon where my wife worked while we were in college, 1977 or 1978.
Carole Buckner -- Night police reporter at the Daily Southtown when I was the night copy editor. We worked closely together and socialized quite a bit outside the office.

Frank Burns -- Attorney and close friend of Jesse Unruh who was in the pantry with the RFK party at the time of the shooting.
Scott Burns -- Member of the Grateful Dead cover band called High Street that played at various bars and other venues in the South Bend area around 1996-97. His sister Dawn Burns was also a member of the band. Both went to Niles High School when I was working as the sports editor of the Niles Daily Star, 1979 to 1982.

Charles Calvert -- Los Angeles police detective who questioned Sandy Serrano, the woman who saw the girl in the polka-dot dress run out of the hotel and down the stairs, shouting, "We shot him! We shot Senator Kennedy!"
Bob Calvert -- Former Niles Daily Star sports editor who worked for me part time as a stringer while I was working as sports editor of the paper.

Grant Cooper -- Sirhan's lawyer, who did everything he could to make sure the accused assassin did not receive a legitimate defense.
David Cooper -- South Bend Tribune photo editor who worked closely with me in 1990-92.

Richard Drew -- Pasadena Independent Star-News reporter who was in the pantry when RFK was shot.
Sean Drew -- Niles native, son of former mayor Mowitt Drew, who invited me to room with him and fellow Niles native Bill Landgraf in an apartment in Ann Arbor while we were all attending the University of Michigan in 1974-75. I thought it was odd at the time, since I really didn't know them that well, but now I understand, their assignment was to keep an eye on me for the mind controllers. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. In November 1974, before I had a clue about the CIA's involvement in the JFK and RFK assassinations, I saw a flier on campus advertising a lecture that was scheduled for that night on campus. Jeff Cohen of the Assassination Information Bureau was scheduled to show the Zapruder film and talk about the JFK case. I decided to go, and when I got home that afternoon, I told Bill Landgraf about it. He insisted on accompanying me to the lecture, even though he had never expressed any interest in political assassinations up to that point. After the lecture, I was convinced, especially after watching the Zapruder film, that shots were fired from at least two different directions, which was blatant evidence of a conspiracy. Landgraf was not convinced, and never once brought up the subject again. Shortly after this happened, the entrapment scheme to get me involved with Mary Pat Dowling began to take shape. Two years later, we would be married and I would be set up for the D'enouement in 1993 -- divorce and the gradual destruction of my career and what remained of my life.

Bette Eby -- Nurse who attended Robert Kennedy in the hospital after the shooting.
John Eby -- Dowagiac Daily News editor when I was sports editor of the Niles Daily Star. Since the two papers were both owned by the same company, we worked closely together at times and socialized some outside the office. Later, around 1998, he wrote an article on the JFK assassination that was based on a lecure given by my fellow assassination researcher Tim Smith at Southwestern Michigan College.

Bruce Elliott -- Foreman of the jury in Sirhan's trial.
Kristi Elliott -- Design editor who worked closely with me at The Times of Northwest Indiana.

Richard Goodwin -- Former JFK speech writer who was on RFK's campaign staff and was with him at the time of the shooting.
Pat Goodwin -- Manager of the Grateful Dead cover band called High Street. I went to see the band many times in the South Bend area in 1996 and 1997, and often spoke to Pat at the shows. I even wrote a story on the band for the South Bend Tribune.

Booker Griffin -- Helped subdue Sirhan in the pantry after the shooting.
Laura Griffin -- Friend of my sister-in-law, Sheila Dowling, and a colleague at the Niles Daily Star when I started working there in 1978. Her father, Lou Griffin, was assistant principal at Ballard Junior High when I was a student there 1967-70. Laura and I saw each other many times through the years as a result of her friendship with Sheila Dowling.

Willimay Harrison -- Introduced Sirhan to her granddaughter at a meeting of the Rosicrucians.
Don Harrison -- Veterans Cab owner who hired me to drive for him in May 1976.

John Howard -- Prosecutor who sought the death penalty for Sirhan.
Pat Howard -- Erie Daily Times editorial writer when I worked there from 1988 to 1990. He would often stop by the sports department to chat with us, and we socialized some outside the office as well.

Amadee Richards -- Wrote FBI report on the RFK assassination.
Dave Richards -- Erie Daily Times sports writer who worked closely with me from 1988 to 1990. We socialized quite a bit outside the office, and stayed in touch for many years. I last saw him at a Bettie Serveert concert in Cleveland Heights in April 2003.

Dr. Bert Meyers -- Surgeon who treated RFK at the hospital.
John Meyers -- Saratoga (Calif.) High School classmate who was my best friend from 1970-72.

Dr. O. Roderick Richardson -- Psychiatrist who testified at the Sirhan trial.
Patricia Richardson -- Daily Southtown reporter who worked closely with me in 1998-99.

Bill Barry -- Ex-FBI agent who was RFK's body guard in the pantry.
Lee Berry -- Detroit native who lived in the same residence hall I did at the University of Michigan during the 1973-74 school year. One time he invited me up to his room to get high and listen to "Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars," by David Bowie. In one of those strange "coincidences" that I now realize were not merely coincidental, but part of the mind-control project, I happened to "bump into" Lee as he was getting out ofa taxi in Cambridge, Mass., in August 1978. At the time, my wife and I were visiting my U of M classmate, Ellen Green. It was amazing that Lee was getting out of the taxi at the exact same time that we were leaving a store and walking out onto the street. Then again, maybe it wasn't so amazing.

Bill Jordan -- Los Angeles Police sergeant who questioned Sirhan.
Terry Jordan -- Neways distributor from Colorado who joined my downline.

Tom Collins -- This was Sirhan's drink of choice on the night of the RFK assassination at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. He was seen in the company of the notorious "girl in the polka-dot dress" throughout the evening as he was drinking his Tom Collinses.
Tom Collins -- Mindy Burge's drink of choice on the night we went to see a band at Shula's nightclub in Niles, probably around 1974. Mindy was a Niles native who later figured in another amazing "coincidence." It was the spring or summer of 1976, and my wife and I decided to go to a lake near Ann Arbor to write our wedding vows. This was a place we had never been before. While we were there, we "just happened" to bump into Mindy. This was another example of one of the aims of the mind-control project, which seemed to be directed toward making me feel conflicted in my mind about my decision to get married, and later my marriage. Since I still had some unresolved feelings toward Mindy, I remember feeling some doubts in my mind when I saw her, especially since we were there to write our wedding vows. I was plagued by the same type of feelings in 1978, when my wife insisted that we visit Mindy in Philadelphia when we went on a trip to the East Coast. We also visited Ellen Green in Massachusetts on that trip, which was another set-up for similar reasons.

Albert Ellis -- Witness to the RFK shooting who heard a girl shout, "We shot him!" in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel.
Jim Ellis -- Niles Daily Star photographer who asked me one time how I felt about divorce, sometime around 1908-81. I remember telling him, since my wife and I already had a child at that point, that I would not consider divorce to be an option until after my children were grown. Since I hadn't ever brought it up or thought too much about it, I thought it was strange at the time that he would ask me that. Now I think it was another case of foreshadowing. In other words, I think the controllers wanted me to connect his name to the RFK assassination, and that conversation to my divorce and the planned destruction of my life.

William Bailey -- FBI agent who questioned Sandy Serrano, the woman who saw the infamous "girl in the polka-dot dress" run out of the hotel after the RFK shooting.
LaDonna Bailey -- Arkansas femme fatale whom I met on the Internet. She invited me to visit her, then pulled the usual disappearing act.

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