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Bizarre Mind-Control Atrocity Exposed, Part 9

Lee Harvey Oswald -- Framed by the CIA for the assassination of President Kennedy. Sometimes used "Oswalt" as an alias.
Miss Oswalt -- She was my music teacher at Ballard Junior High in Niles, Mich. Since Oswalt is not a very common name, this increases the chance that her being my music teacher was not just a coincidence.

Jesse Curry -- Dallas police chief who was in charge of transferring Oswald from the city jail to the county jail. Despite telephone threats that Oswald would be killed unless he were transferred secretly, Curry went ahead with plans to transfer him at the announced time, and Jack Ruby shot Oswald to death.
Lisa Curry -- Niles resident who hosted a baby shower for my wife and me after our first child was born in 1980. She married a friend of ours named John Donahue who went on to become a judge, and we socialized with them often.

William Jurek -- Rented an apartment to Oswald in Fort Worth.
Phil Jurik -- Editor I worked with at the Daily Southtown. Again, not a common name.

Harry Holmes -- Dallas postal inspector and FBI informant who sat in on Oswald's interrogation after he was arrested for the slaying of Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit.
Ed Holmes -- Niles resident who visited us at my dad's house in California in the summer of 1973 or 1974 when I was staying there. He was part of my circle of "friends" in Niles, so I saw him many times through the years. He "just happened" to be at the local west-side bar on June 29, 2006, on the same night I was there to meet my ex-wife for a beer. Several other people from my past with connections to my lifelong mind-control project also "just happened" to be there that night. Hmmm ... what a coincidence.

Judge Patrick J. Fogarty -- Presided over Lee Oswald's truancy hearing in New York City in the fall of 1953.
Luella Fogarty -- Green Party member who befriended me in 1995-96.

Erwin and Velda Schmutz -- Occupied the duplex at 2220 Thomas Place in Fort Worth where Harvey Oswald later lived when he attended Stripling Junior High.
Jerry Schmutz -- Married my cousin, Betsy McShane.

Ralph Yates -- Gave Lee Oswald, who was hitch-hiking, a ride to the Texas School Book Depository on Nov. 20, two days before the assassination.
Kathy Yates -- Ann Arbor femme fatale who cast me under her spell from 1976 to 1978 when I was attending the University of Michigan and working as a cab driver. She was working as a cocktail waitress and I gave her rides to work and back home on many occasions. She led me to believe she was interested in me but later broke off the relationship with no explanation. I was already married when we met, but she was so beautiful, sexy, charming, intelligent and funny that I was seriously interested in her. I even arranged to meet her one time when I was in Ann Arbor on business, but she wouldn't answer the door.

July 20, 1933 -- Marguerite Frances Claverie (Pic) married Robert Edward Lee Oswald on this date. Marguerite later gave birth to Lee Harvey Oswald. This was not the same Lee Harvey Oswald who was framed for President Kennedy's assassination. That man was a European-born spy named Harvey Oswald. Marguerite's son impersonated Harvey on several occasions in the days leading up to the assassination.
July 20, 1980 -- My daughter Caroline was born seven weeks early on this date after my wife unexpectedly went into labor. Since dates are very important to the Illuminati, there's no doubt in my mind that this was no coincidence.

September 1, 1983 -- KAL Flight 007 was shot down over the Soviet Union in a deliberately engineered incident that served at least two purposes. One was to provide an excuse for the escalation of the Cold War, and another was to kill one of the people on board, Congressman Larry McDonald of Georgia. In the 1970s and the 1980s, McDonald was the one who spearheaded efforts against the Bush version of the New World Order.
September 1, 1983 -- My son was born unexpectedly, several weeks early, on the exact same date as the crash of KAL Flight 007.

Beckley Street -- Harvey Oswald was renting a room at 1026 N. Beckley St. in November 1963 and went there to retrieve a pistol after the assassination.
Beckley, W.Va. -- We stayed at a motel there in January 1983 on our way from Michigan to Roanoke, Va., where I had accepted a job at the Roanoke Times & World-News. My ex-wife claims our son was conceived in that motel room. Was it a coincidence that we happened to stay in Beckley? You decide. The coincidences are beginning to add up. My wrist is getting sore from all this typing.

Rambler -- Make of getaway station wagon that Lee Oswald got into in front of the Texas School Book Depository after the assassination. Lee Oswald had been in the building to impersonate Harvey Oswald as part of the frame-up.
Rambler -- Station wagon owned by Niles native Bill Hahn when we lived in the same Ann Arbor neighborhood during the 1974-75 school year. He often mades references to "The Rambler," as though he wanted me to remember the specific make of the car.

Gunnison Facility -- Utah State Prison where hundreds of inmates were subjected to mind-control experiments in the early 1970s. (Volume II of "The Universal Seduction," p. 392)
Gunnison Street -- Grand Rapids street where Niles residents Mike Neesley and Mark Elledge lived in 1974. This was the scene of one of my epic "bad trips" on LSD. A bunch of us attended a Frank Zappa concert that night and returned to the Gunnison residence afterwards to "come down." It took a while, because we were all so stoned. In fact, some of us got separated from the others after the concert, which resulted in a long delay before we finally found them and departed from the concert venue. That night followed a pattern of my being "turned on" to a bad acid trip by my so-called "friends" from Niles. Mae Brussell wrote an article about this titled "Operation Chaos: The CIA's War Against the 1960s Counterculture," posted here:
In the article, she addresses the strange deaths of Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Mama Cass Elliott, Gram Parsons and other rock stars from the 1960s and 1970s. "Almost every death was shrouded with unanswered questions and mystery," Brussell wrote. "Persons around the musicians had strange backgrounds and were often suspect. All of these musicians were at the peak of a creative period and success at the time they were offered LSD. Their personalities altered drastically. Optimism and gratification were replaced with doubt and misery." That describes exactly how I felt when I was on a bad trip. It was pure hell -- mental and physical torture. But maybe it wasn't an accident. Brussell describes how the LSD distributed by the CIA had checmical agents added to it that caused depression and other problems. Maybe my "friends" got some of that "bad acid" through their CIA connections.

John Charles Cooper -- Author of "The Black Mask: Satanism in America Today," 1990.
David Cooper -- South Bend Tribune photo editor who worked closely with me in 1990-92.

Carolyn Adams -- Member of the board of directors of Small World preschool in Niles at the time of the Richard Barkman scandal. Barkman was the co-owner of the preschool, along with his wife, and he was convicted on child-abuse charges in 1985.
Patrick Adams -- My roommate in an apartment we rented on Winchester Avenue in New Haven, Conn., in 1997.

Wanda Davis -- Small World board member at the time of the Barkman scandal.
Ken Davis -- South Bend Tribune music critic who posed as a "conspiracy buff" when I met him in 1990. Later, he got involved with my ex-wife and supposedly was "stalking" her after she broke off the relationship. She called me several times, almost hysterical, asking for advice on how to stop him from stalking her. I believe it was all a hoax to make me feel jealous and inadequate, and to condition me to the concept of stalking. This was shortly before I was first targeted by gang stalkers in 2004.

John Armstrong -- Author of the 2003 classic "Harvey and Lee: How the CIA Framed Oswald." He worked on the book for 10 years before it was published, and spoke at JFK conferences many times during the 1990s. This is important because even though his book hadn't yet been published, he was already well known in the research community by 1999.
Jennifer Armstrong -- Daily Southtown reporter who worked closely with me around 1999-2000. Even though John Armstrong's book had not yet been published when Jennifer started working at the Southtown, since he was already well known by the CIA, her arrival could well have been a reference to him. She sat right next to me.

J.D. McConnell -- Montreal Star editor who helped finance Ewen Cameron's mind-control experiments at the Allan Memorial Clinic in Montreal.
John McConnell -- Reporter at The Times of Northwest Indiana when I worked there in 2001-02. His sister, Phyllis Mahoney, was my immediate supervisor on the copy desk, and we socialized outside the office on numerous occasions.

Dr. Stephen Aldrich -- Headed up the CIA's Office of Research and Development (ORD) in 1962 after the departure of mind-control pioneer Sidney Gottlieb. According to researcher John Rappoport, MKULTRA was a CIA mind-control project that lasted from 1952 to 1962-63. After it ended, supposedly in 1963, the ORD took it over.
Professor Aldrich -- English professor at the University of Michigan whose course I took. One time I gave him a ride home from campus in my cab, just to make an extra impression on me. I also picked up Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward and musician Warren Zevon in my cab. Woodward used his connections to Naval intelligence to help bring down President Nixon in the Watergate scandal. That was a coup d'etat orchestrated by the CIA with help from its media assets, including the Washington Post.

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Hello Matt. I saw your post on a guest book of a TI. I am a TI, too. This crime is so widespread.

I come to you with a message that may not appeal to you at all. But I am offering it to you on the chance that it might provide refreshment for your soul in this wicked world.

When I became aware that I was surrounded by strangers who wanted to destroy me, I was terrified. I sought help from the police and they blew me off, even though I'm pretty sure the officer who took the complaint knew what I was dealing with. He would not even look at me. I knew my family could not help me.

The stalking was very intense at that time, as if they were deliberately attempting to drive me to take my own life right
then. They were everywhere! Complete strangers terrorizing me! And so many of them!

Days before, perhaps even hours prior to my self-destruction, I cried out to - not God, but to Jehovah God for help. That was in the summer of 2006. My life has undergone a drastic change since then, as life changes for all targeted individuals.

Over the last couple of years the gangstalking criminals have tried many things against me; they have even tried to murder me. Why? I have no idea. For fun, maybe. They have tried pretty much everything in their arsenals in their quest to destroy me. But nothing they have tried to bring
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I am also now one of Jehovah's Witnesses, or, a witness for the true and living God Jehovah. I no longer have any fear of the gangstalking criminals. Where I was once terrified to go outside, I now regularly walk outdoors. I have not been physically harmed once. You can read my story at

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