Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Satanic Cult That Rules the World

If you've read the mind-control series on this web site, you might have already deduced this yourself, but just in case, I want to spell it out clearly. Basically, what I'm alleging is that I was born into a satanic cult and somehow escaped, apparently by refusing to engage in the activities they wanted me to engage in.

I think this probably happened sometime between 1958, when I was 3 years old, and 1964, when I turned 9. Whenever it was, I'm alleging that a campaign was undertaken at that point to gradually destroy my life. It was decided that I would marry a member of the cult, and that all my "friends" would be members of the cult, so that I would have no real support system to rely on when the time came to pull the rug out from under me in 2004.

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One time the controllers told me, "You were used for a purpose." I think they communicated that message to me by zapping me with electric current at the time that line was uttered in a movie I was watching on TV. Or it could have been the refigerator kicking on or off in an exceptionally noisy manner, timed to coincide with that message. Or perhaps someone across the hall slammed a door at that instant, I don't remember. Anyway, I got the message.

And what was the purpose I served? Several possibilities come to mind. One was to use me in a lifelong mind-control project, designed, among other things, to test an individual's reactions to various instances of emotional trauma. Another way I was useful was by marrying into the cult and helping to raise two children for the cult.

There was a line in "The Franklin Cover-Up" that struck me as relevant to my own life. One of the satanic cult members says to someone who is trying to break away from the cult, something to the effect of, "If you try that, you'll end up married to one of us, and you won't even know it."

That is exactly what happened to me.

What I'm alleging, and what I'm trying to show on this web site, is that my life was essentially a cruel hoax. People who I thought were my friends weren't really my friends. The woman I loved and who I thought loved me did not love me. My children did not love me, at least after they were old enough to know the score. My brother and sisters did not love me. My mother and father did not love me. Well, my father, anyway. I'm still not sure about my mother. She died mysteriously in 1991 before I learned about all this.

I'm not saying they weren't nice to me. Sometimes they were. Usually, they acted as though they loved me. But when it came time to pull the rug out from under me, it became apparent that none of them would support me. I realized, as my roommate Kevin McCready used to say, "My man got played."

What else besides membership in a satanic cult could explain the fanatical devotion to the cause exhibited by my ex-wife? Who else would voluntarily marry someone she didn't love, just so she could inform on him his whole life and undermine his life in a thousand different subtle ways? Who would give up their chance at happiness, just so they could wreck someone else's?

Again, it wasn't obvious. That's how they were able to keep it secret for so long. Many of the people in my life, including my ex-wife, have a lot of wonderful qualities. But what they did to me was not wonderful.

It's pretty clear from the evidence presented on this web site that I was targeted by a mind-control operation at a very young age, at least by 1964, when I turned 9 years old. And it's also apparent that children played a prominent role in inflicting the emotional abuse that was one of the hallmarks of the atrocity.

So, how can one explain something as bizarre as that? The most likely explanation, as far as I can determine, was revealed in Alex Constantine's book on mind control, "Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A." He says, on page 56, "Rather than terminating MKULTRA, the CIA shifted its programs from public institutions to private cult groups."

On page 61, he continues, "Dr. Corydon Hammond, a professor at the University of Utah School of Medicine, says the cult underground has roots in Nazi Germany, and that the CIA's cult mind control techniques were based upon those of Nazi scientists recruited by the CIA for Cold Warfare."

Here's more:

"For 30 years, Agency scientists have collaborated with cults (many of them founded by the government) to conceal the development of mind control technology." (page 81)

"The Agency uses the cults to further the techniques and technology of mind control. In exchange, the CIA provides behind-the-scenes legal assistance and public relations. A perpetrator of ritual abuse, when nabbed, is often treated to friendly press coverage. In contrast, ritually abused children and their therapists have been targeted for harassment because they threaten perps, cults and the Agency alike with exposure." (page 99)

What I'm saying is that cult members involve their children in various activities, including emotionally draining dramas directed at their enemies -- innocent children, for example.

One telltale sign that someone charged with child abuse or ritual abuse is a cult member is the involvement in the case of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, whose board is almost exclusively composed of former CIA and military doctors currently employed by major universities.

FMSF founder Ralph Underwager testified in 1985 at the trial of Richard Barkman, who was charged with sexually abusing children at Small World preschool in my hometown of Niles, Mich. But the charges against Barkman were just the tip of the iceberg. Therapists who interviewed the children discovered that dozens of them described being subjected to ritual abuse by Barkman and others at the school and in the community. Some of them talked about having seen animals sacrificed and other bizarre activities.

The ritual abuse aspects of the case were left out by the prosecuting attorney. Barkman was the only one charged, and he was charged only with sexual abuse. He was convicted on that charge and served five years in prison before he was resleased on a technicality.

The fact that Underwager was called as an "expert witness" is revealing. This was before the FMSF was formed to brainwash the American people into believing ritual-abuse allegations were figments of the imagination, part of the "satanic panic" hysteria that was allegedly sweeping the country off its feet. But the truth is, the allegations were almost always true, and the FMSF was set up to misinform the public about the scandal.

Underwager was forced to resign from the FMSF in 1993 after he remarked in an interview that appeared in an Amsterdam journal for pedophiles, that it was "God's will" that adults engage in sex with children.

More confirmation that satanism is rampant in Berrien County, where Niles is located, came in a front-page story that appeared in The Herald-Palladium, a daily newspaper published in St. Joseph, Mich., on April 8, 1989. The article was headlined, "Worship of Satan leaving its 'marks' on Berrien County."

"It's getting worse and worse across the nation," said Benton Harbor Police Detective Milt Agay, referring to the problem of satanic crime. "I think it's got the potential to get serious."

Folks, that was almost 20 years ago. Imagine how bad it is by now. In case you haven't noticed, since that time we've had Columbine, Virginia Tech and countless other examples of satanic crimes perpetrated on innocent people by victims of mind control.

Henry Makow has written a brilliant essay titled, "Does a Satanic Cult Rule the World?" You can read it here and decide for yourself:

Remember when I said my friends weren't really my friends at all? They tried to tell me that back in 1973, when my dormitory neighbor across the hall at the University of Michigan used to play the song "Dear Abby" by John Prine all the time, turned up loud. I always thought that was strange until one day a few years ago when I heard the song again for the first time in years. Here's how it starts out:

"Dear Abby, Dear Abby ... my feet are too long. My hair's falling out and my rights are all wrong. My friends they all tell me that I've no friends at all. Won't you write me a letter, Won't you give me a call. Signed, Bewildered."

Yes indeed. A bewildering state of affairs, to say the least.


'R' xj6 said...

I too was raised in the SW Michigan area, Ottawa County.
As near as I can tell, I was supposed to be from Allegan County.

I was stolen (kidnapped) from Holland Hospital's maternity ward at 3 days old, and lived the usual RA plus hypnosis and MC programming lfe.

The people on the west side of Michigan, from Muskegon to the Indiana border, appear to all be involved.

When I figured out that I wasn't their kid, I also began to realize how many people I have known throughout my entire life, who also knew about the whole story of my kidnapping and hypnotized and programmed story, and the cult's developed web.

Another continuing shock is the realizing how many people, not from SW Michigan, who I have met throughout my adult life, who were also invovled in the abuse and control of me.

I didn't tell these people, three thousand miles from where I was raised, about my past and my childhood story, so how did they also know about it all?
Thanks for putting this information out here!!!
'R' xj6

diana said...

Just finished reading more of your blog. I thought I would recommend "Love Bite's" written by Eve Lorgen.

diana said...

Just finished reading more of your blog. I thought I would recommend "Love Bite's" written by Eve Lorgen.

brussellsprout said...

Thanks, Diana. I did read that book and found much of it relevant to my situation. Other parts of it didn't resonate with me because they applied mainly to people who have been abducted by aliens. I honestly don't think I've ever been abducted by aliens, unless it was when I was a child. Anything could have happened to me before age 5 because I don't remember much of anything that happened to me during those years. As an adult, I've never experienced instances of "missing time" or any of the other bizarre experiences that plague victims of alien abduction. Thanks for the recommendation, though. It was an interesting read.