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Bizarre Mind-Control Atrocity Exposed, Part 12

Thomas Kirby -- Pen named used by the late Walter Bowart when he was editor of Palm Springs Life magazine in the late 1980s. Bowart was the author of "Operation Mind Control," first published in 1978 and later updated. It was one of the first books to document mind control.
Kirby Sprouls -- South Bend Tribune editor who worked closely with me from 1990 to 1992. Also a neghbor and "friend." We carpooled to work and back for two years.
Rick Kirby -- Copy editor who worked closely with me in 2003-04 at The Times of Northwest Indiana in Munster, Ind. He sat directly across from me, and we even socialized outside the office. One time he introduced me to his wife's sister and encouraged me to ask her for a date. I did, but the relationship followed the familiar pattern already described twenty-five thousand times on this blog.

Adam Walsh -- Six-year-old boy abducted from a Sears department store at the Hollywood Mall in Hollywood, Fla., on July 27, 1981, and later found murdered in a satanic crime. Adam was born on November 14, 1974 , so -- coincidentally, I'm sure -- he shared a birthday with my father. Though convicted serial killer and satanist Ottis Toole confessed to the boy's murder, he was never tried for the crime. Adam's death received a lot of national publicity, and Adam's father, John Walsh, later became an advocate for victims of violent crime
Wendell Walsh -- South Bend attorney whose sons, Colin and Evan, were on the same Little League team as my son, Michael, in the early 1990s. My daughter Caroline did some baby-sitting for the Walshes, so we had a lot of contact with the family.

Cathy O'Brien -- Co-author of "Trance Formation of America," published in 1995, about her experiences in Project Monarch as mind-controlled sex slave.
Bill O'Brien -- Roseland Cab driver who worked closely with me in 1996-97. He rode around with me for his "training" on his first day, and we shared many meals together in South Bend restaurants. He was definitely planted in my life so I would make the connection.
John O'Brien -- Daily Southtown editor who worked closely with me from 1998 to 2001 (see part 1).

Charles Denton "Tex" Watson -- Former member of Charles Manson's "Family," he was convicted of the satanic murders of movie star Sharon Tate and six other people that took place in the early morning hours of Aug. 9, 1969, and the following night.
Terry Watson -- One of my classmates at Ballard Junior High in Niles, Mich., in 1969-70. I had verry little contact with him and barely knew him, but for some strange reason, he walked up to me one day in the hall and shoved me, knocking the books I was holding all over the floor in front of a crowd of people. One of those people was Cherie Gaedtke, a "friend" who later became my sister-in-law when she married my wife's brother. Since Watson was about twice as big as me and 10 times as mean, I declined the opportunity to get my ass kicked. Now I realize, this incident had two purposes. One was to humiliate me in front of one of my girlfriends. Another was to make me remember Terry Watson all my life, and later to connect his name with Tex Watson of the Manson Family. Terry Watson also had a connection to Robert Willis, who was another important person in the bizarre scenario that was unfolding all around me.
Phil Willis -- Filmed the JFK assassination in Dealey Plaza.
Robert Willis -- Ballard Junior High classmate who beat up Terry Watson after Watson shoved me that day, in between classes in the crowded hallway. Willis also beat up another kid who was trying to bully me. In the fall of 1970, after we moved to California, Robert Willis was "accidentally" shot to death by his friend Taylor Askew as they were messing around with a gun, allegedly in preparation for some coon hunting. I found out about this in a letter from my old buddy Jim Scott. This was the first of many "strange deaths" that have happened to people in my life. At least, it's the first I can recall at this time. I plan to describe some of these deaths in a separate post. The effect of this one was to make me feel sad, especially since Robert had been so good to me at Ballard. Of course, his death may well have been an accident. But if it wasn't, one possible message it could have been designed to send was that "No one will be able to protect you. If anyone tries, we'll kill them." There was also a reference to the shooting incident in the movie "Body Heat," which was discussed earlier in this series. Ned, Oscar and Lowenstein are all sitting around having a bite to eat at Stella's, and Oscar is talking about the heat and how it affects the crime rate, causing violence to increase. Oscar then says to Ned, "Look at Lowenstein. Everything's just a little askew. That happens when it gets hot outside."

O.J. Simpson -- Who can forget the made-for-TV murder trial that lasted for months in 1995? The case had some connections to mind control, not the least of which was the entire media spectacle, which diverted the American public from other, more important issues, like the fact that America was becoming a covert fascist police state. On June 17, 1994, the day of the infamous slow-speed chase involving the Ford Bronco, my ex-wife invited me to join her for dinner at a restaurant that had a TV in the bar. As we discussed possible reconcilation, the Bronco chase was being broadcast on CNN. That incident and many others have led me to believe that my ex-wife's family and my family both have connections to the Illuminati, or at least to the CIA. Other examples of foreknowledge of CIA operations include 9-11 and the JFK Jr. assassination. These are discussed in a post titled "foreshadowing" in the January 2006 archives.
Brett Simpson -- CIA operative who posed as a fellow Green Party activist and "friend" from 1995-97. I also let him stay at my house for a couple months while he was in the process of buying his own house. He introduced me to another femme fatale named Diana Mendelsohn who was my girlfriend in 1997 and then later pulled the usual disappearing act.
Jerry Lowe -- Former Lincoln (Neb.) cop hired by a committee of the Nebraska legislature to investigate the Franklin Credit Union scandal in 1989.
Harold Lowe -- South Bend Tribune wire editor who worked closely with me from 1990-92.
Karin Lowe -- Design editor at The Times of Northwest Indiana who worked closely with me from 2001-04.
Joseph Schott -- FBI agent in charge of the Fort Worth office and Mac Wallace's roommate at the University of Texas. He gave Wallace the gun that Wallace used to kill one of LBJ's enemies. Later, Wallace's fingerprints were found in the "sniper's nest" of the Texas School Book Depository.
Kate Schott -- Daily Southtown reporter and femme fatale who suggested we go out to see a concert together in 2000. Then, when I tried to set up a date, she acted like I was harassing her. This was part of a pattern of harassment that replayed itself many times in the years following my divorce in 1993.
J. Thornton Boswell -- One of the Navy pathologists in charge of falsifying the JFK autopsy.
The Boswells -- Family that lived across the street from us on Topinabee Road in Niles, Mich., from 1965 to 1970. One night, my sister Jenny staged an incident that I believe was designed to make me remember the Boswells. She was cooking something in the oven, and it caught on fire. Since I was sitting at the kitchen table, she told me to run acros the street to the Boswells' house and get their help. After I burst through the front door and told them what was happening, Mr. Boswell ran across the street with me and helped us put out the fire.
Cindy Thornton -- My sister Jenny's best friend when we were growing up in the house on Topinabee Road.
Pam Thornton -- Niles classmate who stayed in touch with my wife through the years.
Lee Thornton -- Pam's father and a golf enthusiast who berated me one time when I was covering a golf tournament at Plym Park in Niles. He claimed I was distracting the players when I was taking pictures for the newspaper, but I wasn't. He just did that to make an impression on me, so I would remember him.

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I came across your blog and am fascinated by this. I have not read your entries in chronological order, so forgive me if you have already addressed this: Are the people you list part of this scheme? And if they are, do they even know it?