Saturday, February 09, 2008

Bizarre Mind-Control Atrocity Exposed, Part 11

Harold Hodge -- University of Rochester professor who did LSD research for the CIA as part of the MKULTRA program.
Jean Hodges -- Daily Southtown editor who worked closely with me from 1998 to 2001.

Harold Wolff -- Organized the Society for the Advancement of Human Ecology, one of three known funding fronts for MKULTRA. He was also the director of the Cornell Medical Center.
Valerie Wolf -- Therapist who helped victims of satanic ritual abuse and testified at a hearing in Washington about nonconsensual human experimentation in 1995.
Carrie Wolfe -- Daily Southtown reporter who worked closely with me in 2000.
Valerie Vedral -- Daily Southtown reporter who worked closely with me in 2000.

Claudia Mullen -- Mind-control victim who testified before the President's Advisory Commission on Human Radiation Experiments on March 15, 1995. She told the commission about being subjected to torture by Dr. L. Wilson Greene at Tulane University.
Linda Mullen -- South Bend Tribune reporter who worked closely with me when I was assistant state editor from 1990-92. After Claudia Mullen's testimony, in the summer of 1995 or 1996, she called me and invited me to have lunch with her. Since I had last seen her, she had gotten divorced and changed her last name from Jones back to her maiden name of Mullen. I think the purpose of our meeting was to make the connection in my mind to Claudia Mullen.
Michelle Mullins -- Daily Southtown reporter who worked closely with me from 1998-2001. She even invited me to her wedding, which I believe was intended to help me remember her.

Morton Prince -- Harvard psychiatrist who wrote "The Dissociation of Personality" in 1905. He was the first shrink to identify Multiple Personality Disorder.
Steve Prince -- South Bend Tribune copy editor who worked closely with me from 1990-92.
Mary Prince -- Wife of Steve Prince who worked as a typist in the obituary department of the South Bend Tribune. Since I was responsible for editing obituaries, we worked closely together.

Candy Jones -- America's first supermodel, she was hypnotized and used as a courier by the CIA in the 1960s as part of its mind-control program. Her story was featured in the book, "The Control of Candy Jones," by Donald Bain, published in 1976.
Linda Jones -- See Linda Mullen, above.

Frank Olson -- Biochemist who worked at the Army Chemical Corps' Special Operations Division at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Md. He fell to his death from a New York City hotel room in 1953. His death was ruled a suicide, but some people believe he was murdered by CIA agents to cover up his involvement in the LSD experiments. He had been given a dose of LSD without his knowledge, and it drove him crazy. His family later received a settlement from the government for his wrongful death.
Karen Olson -- New Haven (Conn.) Register editor who worked closely with me in 1997. The night before I was offered a job at the Daily Southtown, Karen invited me to a party after work where a few of us smoked marijuana. It was the first time I had smoked marijuana in months, and now it was in my system. The next day, the Daily Southtown editor called me and told me the job was mine if I could pass a drug test. That presented a problem, which I solved by drinking Golden Seal tea before I went in to take the urine test.

Dr. Robert G. Heath -- Brain-electrode researcher, chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology at Tulane University, and military/CIA contractor in the 1960s.
Will Heath -- Son of my parents' friends from Purdue University who visited us in Niles in 1966. We watched the epic Notre Dame-Michigan State game on TV and later went to see "The Dirty Dozen" at the Ready Theater in Niles.

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Anonymous said...

Want to know what Tulane University was up to in the 1960's see

brussellsprout said...

Thanks for the tip. Universities are almost as corrupt as the intelligence agencies. They're all servants of the ruling elite and have no compunction whatsoever about betraying mankind.